Do you remember Burger Queen??

Last night I received a link from a friend to memorabilia related to a restaurant called “Burger Queen.” The restaurant chain, which launched in 1963, stayed as “Burger Queen” up until 1981, when they changed their name to Druther’s.

This change was supposedly because they wanted people to not just associate them with burgers, since they served other foods. I can’t help but think that the name change might have been brought about because of comparisons to a similarly named and much more popular burger chain. Nowadays only one Druther’s exists, most of the locations having been converted to Dairy Queens and other fast food eateries.

I am curious if anyone remembers eating at a Burger Queen? Was the food any good? Was their ever a location that was near a Burger King?

Here is a commercial for Burger Queen from a couple of years before the name change. The main thrust of this ad is their fried chicken.

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  1. Please reach out anytime and let me know if you have any questions about the history of Burger Queen, Druther’s – or our UK locations which were known as Huckleberry’s Burger Bar. Thanks for the mention!

    -Brian Easley
    Vice President, Druther’s Systems
    Louisville, Kentucky

  2. My parents have mentioned eating at Burger Queen in the past (before my time). They really liked it and mention how good it was, and that they wish it was still around. There was also another restaurant they liked called Burger Chef, where apparently you got to put your own toppings on your meal like at Fuddrucker’s, but cheaper and quicker.

  3. My first job was at a Burger Queen outside of Louisville, KY. It “beefed” up my resume and made it easy to get my next job at McDonalds when I moved. I remember they had a kids meal, which at the time, neither McDonalds or Burger King had.
    Grateful for my first job! I’ll never forget the brown polyester uniforms and coming home smelling like french fries.

  4. There was a BQ in the small town of Madisonville, KY during the 70s – placed in a new shopping center with nearby competition from the likes of Jerries and Long John Silver…and an established DQ elsewhere in town. The BQ had good quality burgers, and provided jobs for a couple of my friends, but I most remember the quirky ads with Queenie Bee. Thing was McDonalds and Hardees came to town as well, and seemed to grab more of the local market as the novelty of BQ wore off. As far as I know, the franchise was out of business before the conversion. PS I do recall Burger Chef, and another burger chain called Red Barn, but they were about an hours drive away.

  5. I remember eating at Burger Queen as a child, in northeastern PA, in the late 60s. I loved it—so delicious, and more exciting than other chain restaurants (possibly they marketed to children earlier).

  6. I remember one in Louisville Kentucky in 1970. Good food. There was a Burger KIng close by. Burger Chef was another one too.

  7. I worked at a Burger Queen in Venice, Florida when I was a teenager. The most popular item was their fried chicken. The real score was chicken on the salad bar. I remember one day the manager caught a woman stuffing her purse with chicken lol. Very rare to find all you can eat fried chicken and a complete salad bar these days.

  8. I lived in Orlando Florida in 74 and I ate at Burger Queen all the time. It was really a great burger and it was huge, It was bigger than the BK Whopper and a much better burger. I dont remeber if there were any Burger Kings down there, I dont think so. Until now I always thought they were owned by the same people just like Sambos and Jerrys were by the same owners

  9. I managed one in Clewiston Florida. I worked there for 2 years until they closed in 1981

  10. I loved the Royal Burger they had and I was on the baseball team they sponsored in Middletown Ky. I always thought that one was the original one. I miss it as in High School it was our favorite place to hang out and eat.

  11. Yes used to go with my sisters and their kids. But we had to go to a neighboring town as our little town didn’t have much. We had a small DQ stand, same with A&W. Then there was the Park ‘n’ Eat. Didn’t even have KFC until 70s. Another neighboring town had Burger Chef. This was a small town in southern Indiana, about 65 miles from Louisville KY. They now have a MacDonalds and a Burger King!

  12. There was a Burger Queen in Mechanicsville, VA in the late 60s-early 70s. There was no Burger King near it. I remember my father taking us to get a milkshake & fries there, when we visited my grandparents in the summer. Good memories/good food…those were the halcyon days!

  13. I loved Burger Queen as a child in the 70’s because they offered tater tots instead of fries with the meal. My Burger Queen was in Tampa, Florida, off of Hillsborough Road… I think the place was open until the mid-70’s.

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