Do you Remember Keebler Pizzarias?

So many lost snack foods continue to haunt me. This week I am lamenting the too short life of the Keebler Pizzaria. Pizzarias were a marvelous little triangular snack chip, picture a very crunch Dorito, covered in a delicious spicy pizza coating. I cannot tell you how many Friday nights I spent in my room playing computer games, my radio tuned to a distant station playing old time radio programs and crunching on Pizzarias. I thought our chip-lationship would last forever.

Then one year I went to live with my sister for a summer after she had moved away and when I came back home and went to the Acme to pick up a bag and a 3 liter bottle of Coke, they were gone.

I have tried the other “modern” pizza-flavored chips. The Doritos have the right shape and a decent crunch, but the flavor is nothing like the Pizzaria. TGI Fridays makes a chip that has a good flavor, but it lacks the correct amount of crunch and the pizza slice shape.

Why is it that I can go back to the supermarket every week to see some new novelty flavor of chip on the shelf and yet the things I want, remain completely out of reach? C’mon Keebler! It is time for a chip renaissance. Bring back your Tato Skins! Bring back your Pizzarias! Bring all the chips back and then put them all in my mouth.

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  1. I loved these! We also had a pizza-flavoured potato chip here in Canada from Hostess. Now the closest I can get are those Pizza Combos, which… ehh…

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