Do you Remember Two Guys Department Stores?

The department store known as Two Guys got its start in Harrison, New Jersey. The discount chain, which was originally called Two Guys from Harrison founded by Sidney and Herbert Hubschman in 1946. They would acquire the Vornado appliance company in the late 1950s and start to spread out from New Jersey. Eventually they had over 100 locations, reaching as far south as Virginia and all the way in California. Sadly their profits began to decline in the 1970s and they would close their doors in 1982.

My parents were dedicated Two Guys shoppers. I recently found a box of receipts that my mother kept for all her major appliance purchases and the majority of them, right up until 1982, were from Two Guys. I have very vague recollections of the one we used to go to right before it closed. I think it was pretty shabby at that point, and their toy and video game section was nothing compared to what they had in the shiny bright and new K-Mart down the road.

Did your family shop at Two Guys? Where was it located? Do you have any memories about the store?

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  1. ddsw

    Sure I remember Two Guys…but mostly just driving past it. I know my folks shopped there on occasion and I’m sure I did too a couple of times but I don’t remember the interior of the store very well. I think we were living near Toms River, N.J., the last time I saw one.

  2. Kyle

    Don’t know if we have had this in Massachusetts–we had places like Service Merchandise, Caldor, Bradlees, Ames, Zayre and Lechmere.

  3. adam

    My late father used to shoplift at Two Guys all the time! Ah, memories!

  4. sjgeek89

    We did have one in our town outside Buffalo but my memories of it are also pretty vague. I do remember things around the house that still had price tags or stickers on them when I was a kid. Now the house I live in with my wife and kids is around the street from where it was located, it’s now a BJ’s wholesale club store.

  5. Jeff

    Two Guys….New London CT.
    Remember the record department. Big stickers on the front.
    I think I bought a copy of the Rolling Stones, Hot Rocks there in the late 70s.
    Though it could have been Bradlees—the two stores were pretty much the same.

  6. Manny

    Yep I remember Two Guys. I also remember MAYS, STEVENS, TSS, CALDORS and my favorite, ALEXANDERS. We also used to get a massive WISH BOOK every year from a place called ALDENS which was AWESOME!

    We also had a place in our neighborhood called KRESGES and it was kind of a K MART type store but it had a diner inside of it between the registers and the toy section. It was like a slice of heaven!

  7. rob

    you know i remember going to Two Guys and i think Korvettes?
    does anyone remember where they had stores? im thinking pompton plains where Jamesway used to be and i think A&P is there now???
    its been a LONG LONG LONG Time..
    i moved to Phoenix AZ in 1997 been back to Jersey in 2010 and 2011 MISS MY HOME!!!

  8. The Retroist

    I think I remember reading that Korvettes was one of the original “Price Club” type stores.

    I am pretty sure that they also had a Korvettes in Hudson County. I think my Mother used to shop there a lot when she first got married. Although she might have gone to the one that was on Route 4 in Paramus, which I think morphed into a Caldor (not sure what it is now).

  9. sandra weaver

    Yes I remember two guys I believe it was in Succasunna new Jersey. Does anyone remember the Wolfies restaurant in Paramus new Jersey? Ah the smells of the hamburger tilling on the open fire.made shopping with my mother almost worth it

  10. leftylimbo

    My dad brought me to Two Guys all the time out here in Culver City, CA back in the ’70s. We went there for toys, specifically HO-scale trains which he collected and let me play with. I remember at one point they had a total blowout and were selling the trains for something really cheap like $.25 a pop. Needless to say, my dad practically buried me in our shopping cart with a pile of trains. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Robin

    Growing up in Budd Lake, NJ, the Dover area Two Guys was a shopping staple! And someone correct me if I’m wrong but was there also a Rickel’s or a Channel Home Center located next to it? VERY fond memories of the arcade which was located in the back of the store. Honestly, for some kids from with a penny-pinching mom, this was the closest thing to DisneyLand! I particularly loved the bowling games, what fun! I want to thank the person for posting the photo of an area Two Guys arcade – not the Dover store but still brought back TONS of memories! I actually cried! 🙂

  12. McEvoy Rich

    I used to work in the home decor section at the Morris Plains store in the early 70’s. Still have fond memories of it. To Rob….. There was never a Two Guys in Pompton Plains where the Jamesway was. Before Jamesway was a Grants, and I believe there was nothing but fields there before Grants. (Maybe a golf driving range and batting cages) The closest Two Guys was in Wayne on Rt 46 westbound.

  13. Tamara

    Two Guys was the closest store to our home in Goleta California in the 70’s. It was at Storke Rd and Hollister. I remember every time my grandma would visit she would take me there and let me pick out one item…..I would get so excited!! I think there is a Kmart there now.

  14. Terry

    I remember it well . Here in south jersey there was a Two Guys in west Atlantic City. Was a great store ! Had a supermarket on one end and a hardware store on the other . Was my fav store growing up . Mom and dad and myself went just about every weekend ! I too , loved the bowling /arcade section of the store , I think it cost a quarter to play ! Great memories .

  15. Mel

    I used to work at the North Bergen, Jersey City and Newark Two Guys stores back in the late 1970s.

  16. The Retroist

    Mel – Those were the ones my family went to religiously!

  17. VintageVolts

    I used to go to the ones in York and Lancaster, PA. Loved the arcades in them! Especially the bowling games which used duckpin style balls and had automatic ball return. I can still smell the “arcade wood” aroma from all of those games.

  18. John W

    I worked at both the Kearny (auto dept) and Newark (maintenence) NJ stores. It paid my way through school and I have many great memories from those years.

    I made some great purchases in their close out sales for my new home when they shut down in 1982.

    It was a great experience.

  19. Nigel Mahood

    My mother had worked at the Goleta, (Santa Barbara) California store as a manager from when it opened in 1973 till 1975 then transfered to the El Cajon (San Diego) till the end. I spent every day as a youth (9 – 13) helping out in every department that i could. I sure miss those days.

  20. Guess Who INC

    My Mom started with them in Garfield and stayed till end running their warehouses in Parsippany, THEY TOOK VERY GOOD CARE OF HER IN THEIR STOCK, It closed yesterday at $95.70 pays a dividend of $2.92 when she retiree she had over 37,000 shares, YOU DO THE MATH ,THANK YOU” TWO BASTARS FROM HARRISON “

  21. Martha ferrer

    Two Guys in North Bergen, NJ. Used to do our shopping there every Friday. My parents , my sisters and I used to walk like ten blocks with full bags of groceries then we got a car and moved to Union City but were loyal customers for years. I think till the big Shop Rite opened in North Bergen and it took big volume from them. But they still had everything else, shop rite didn’t have. I just googled it, cause I remember those days so vividly. Was a teenager then, I’m a grandmother now. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!!!

  22. Sean Kelly

    I worked at the Two Guys in North Bergen NJ from 1979 to 1980. It was great – a lot of great people worked there. Many of the young workers were in college at the time. I worked in Jewelry / Giftware and then transferred to Sporting Goods. What I remember the most was that the undercover Security detectives were a bunch of wanna be cops /losers that spent so much time hassling the employees while the customers were stealing. I miss the people that I worked with. Anybody still out there?

  23. donwny

    I bought my first VCR at a Two Guys in Amherst NY. It was in the final days of the store and a display model, so I got it for the super-cheap price of $500 (about half the regular price). It must have been about 1981 – I was the first in our neighborhood to own one. It would be over 20 years before I finally a DVD player.

  24. jk2001

    We went to one in Commerce, CA, but it was actually in East LA back then. I think it’s a Target now. We drove pretty far to get to that store, like six miles away.

  25. NEC

    Westminster, California was a very busy store. Changed to a Kmart for many years…bought a lot of camera gear there.

  26. Raddion

    I still have my Mom’s employee badge from the New London, CT Two Guys (sniff!!) miss you Mom!!!

  27. Les

    I worked @ lots of the stores in the NJ / NJ metro area – 76′ – till close. I was in the Seasonal Dept. Many, many great memories. The Jersey City store was my main home. Lots of traveling, lots of toys and summer goods. How I worked my way thru college. Played football and baseball in Two Guys store leagues as well. Miss it all.

  28. Jersey J

    Two Guys in Hackensack was a very busy location, always going here as a kid, it opened in the 1960’s. It was located right across the road from Continental Towers on Hackensack Avenue. There’s a Home Depot and strip mall of stores there now.

  29. Maryann Scherzo

    I remember when two guys opened its very first store in Harrison. As I remember they had a trailer outside of the RCA factory in Harrison. First big store was built on Passaic avenue in south end of Kearny, nj just over the Harrison border. This was in the early part of 1950s. Really big deal as there was nothing like it anywhere.

  30. Vicki Nielsen

    I worked at Two Guys Discount Stores on Brookhurst and Adams in Huntington Beach for 6 years and the Union Local 324 is not recognizing my time there. It was from 72-78. Come on I could get retirement if they can somehow prove it. Sent in paperwork this week for all my Retail time in Union.

  31. bill bohaboy

    when i was about 11 or 12 i used to take the lackawanna train from orange to harrison, i dont remember exactly but i had to walk across the stickel bridge becuase of the train stopping in i think newark im going back to the 50’s. i would shine shoes, paint fences or cut grass until i made ten dollars then i went to two guys to buy another car for my lionel train set. in those days a kid could travel alone and not be bothered by the freak show we now live in . the 50’s was another world , Bill Bohaboy Las Vegas Nevada

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