Do your remember “Monster Pops” popsicles?

Do your remember “Monster Pops” popsicles? Drop by the Metal Misfit and share.

Monster Pops Bottom

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  1. Hallelujah!

  2. Wow that is a much older box… says 81 on it, I still remember a slightly differn’t box design. And definatly don’t remember there being anything about a mail in on the side, use to collect kool-aid points :). And remember the pops themselves bigger and actual photos of them in the middle of the graphic. But this is like 95% there! still I guess my search continues… But this will help alot!

  3. Frigo is the brand name of the dracula pops I found here in Barcelona, Spain and enjoying every bit of the red goo and creamy base of the cola flavored outterlayer…. Yummmooooo!!!

  4. The monster pops I knew and loved were from Krogers. My favorite was the skeleton!

  5. I’m another West Virginian (grew up in the Charleston area specifically) on the search for Monster Pops! I know my mom got them at Krogers, as Walmart hadn’t yet made the move into the area. Mostly I just remember them being shorter & thicker than regular Popsicles and only coming in cherry, grape & orange. i remember the flavors just bc i always thought one of the monsters should be green. The only characters I actually remember are Dracula & Frankenstein. Long live the Fellowship of the Monster Pop!

  6. Hello fellow cursed people. I am from South Eastern Michigan, and I also remember the Monster Pops. From what I can remember, in the late 80’s there was a big fad of popsicles shaped liked characters. I remember Disney ones and the Monster Pops being the most popular. They were readily available at all local food stores including Kroger, Foodtown, and A&P. I also remember there being a commercial that aired during Halloween time for the Monster Pops product. Which I believe around 1989 the popsicles and character designs were a bit more modern and cleaner than the ones shown in the box linked above. Dracula, Frankenstein, Skeleon and Wolfman are the character I remember. With Grape, Cherry, Lime, and Orange being the flavors. It would be amazing to find out where these pops came from…

  7. Monster pops were amazing!!! My Mother bought a box every time she went to Krogers!! I had them for years!! They came in 3 flavors and had 4 monsters: The creature from the black lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein and a skeleton!!!
    They were super thick and could seriously damage your teeth trying to bite into one and then once you did…..sub zero brain freeze!!! Ahhh, the good ole days!! If only they could return to store shelves….

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