Celebrate Easter with Necco

I have been known to malign Necco products in the past. Especially around the Halloween season. I have always felt bad about this so I thought I would throw my Necco net a little wider this year and see what delicious delights the New England Candy Company put out for the Easter candy eating season.


A dozen of any candy for 99 cents can’t be a bad deal can it? Plus, marshmallows and chocolate have gone together since the Ancient Ones ruled this world. So how could something so right be so average? Just ask the folks at Necco. I feel really bad, because I really want to enjoy some Necco product as an adult and I remember gobbling these things up like candy (hahaha..I am so clever), but now they seem a bit substandard.


I guess I am just getting pickier as I get older, but boy do these things taste waxy. The chocolate is nearly tasteless and the marshmallow was both stale and gum-like. Good times! I think its the packaging on these bad boys that sent the taste south. One might be able to appreciate these more if they were fresher. Oh well. Sorry Necco, but these aren’t very good. hopefully the rabbit will be tastier.


What is this rabbit thinking? “99 cents?! What a rip!”




This rabbit is downright adorable on the outside, but smooth and turd-like on the inside. Talk about false advertising. Not that a kid will care, but it got my hopes up. Oh well, its not that look that matters, but the taste. Well its a bit better the the eggs, but it’s probably the packaging that kept this treat fresher. The marshmallow is the right consistency and the chocolate tastes pretty good. Not bad Necco. While writing this I noticed that this rabbit kind of looks busty. Not sure how I missed that. Well done Necco! Now I can appreciate this candy on a whole new level.


Overall these Necco treats are pretty average, but what a value. For 99 cents you could do worse and if you wait for Monday’s post Easter candy sales you can probably pick up a couple of hundred packages for a dime. Happy Easter Necco.

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