Eight is Enough: The Complete First Season” Coming to DVD on April 17, 2012

A lot of great TV has not yet made the jump to full release on DVD. One of those absent shows was the series “Eight is Enough”. It was released in digital format, through online retailers, but for those who have not gone digital, they have had few options. Until now, because according to this press release I just received. The hit 70s drama is going to make its DVD debut on April 17th. I cannot wait!

BURBANK, CA (January 10, 2012) – The Bradfords, one of television’s best known and most loved families, are back for the first time to entertain viewers with their touching and memorable escapades on Warner Home Video’s (WHV) DVD release of Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season. Making its much-anticipated DVD debut on April 17, 2012, after long-standing requests from fans, Eight Is Enough is the top-rated classic television series that chronicles the lives of columnist Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten), his wife and their eight children. Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season will be comprised of all nine episodes from the show’s first season on two discs. The DVD set will retail for $24.98 SRP.

Eight Is Enough is the enormously successful series that focuses on the Bradford family, an endearing clan of eight children and their parents who reside in suburban Sacramento, California. Tom, the patriarch of the family, is a newspaper columnist for the Sacramento Register, and their mother, Joan (Diana Hyland), is a busy homemaker. Their large household, which is always run with a lot of love and humor, is the source of their endless sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic exploits.

The Bradford kids vary in ages and personalities. Each one couldn’t be more different than the next. The youngest, Nicholas (Adam Rich), is an adorable and precocious eight-year-old. Tommy (Willie Aames) is a charming and handsome teenager with rock-star looks. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth (Connie Needham) is a graceful beauty with enviable long locks. Next is Nancy (Dianne Kay), a sweet, sunny blonde. Susan (Susan Richardson) is the athletic one. Joanie (Laurie Walters) is an aspiring actress. Mary (Lani O’Grady), the oldest Bradford girl, is a pre-med student. Last but not least is heartthrob David (Grant Goodeve), the eldest of the kids, who no longer lives at home but is deeply entwined in the lives of his siblings.

Eight Is Enough premiered on ABC in 1977 and became an instant hit with viewers. The top-rated show was based on a book by the same title, written by Thomas Braden, a syndicated newspaper columnist who also had eight children. The series pilot, included in this release, featured Star Wars star Mark Hamill in the role of eldest brother David, with Kimberly Beck as Nancy and Chris English in the role of Tommy. Eight Is Enough aired for five successful seasons.

“Eight Is Enough resonated with so many viewers because it offered something for everyone. With such a wide-ranging cast, there was always at least one character for everyone to relate to,” said Rosemary Markson, WHV Vice President, TV and Special Interest Marketing. She added, “It was a show that shared a lot of humor but would also tackle some very serious subjects. It touched the hearts of viewers with its unforgettable storylines and talented actors. Family dynamics can be complicated, especially with eight kids, but no matter how chaotic things got in the Bradford household, this is the family so many of us wish we had grown up in. Eight Is Enough: The Complete First Season is a must-have for anyone who appreciates great TV.”

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