ET Shoes from Buster Brown

Buster Brown was the one company that could get me excited to go shopping for new shoes. Not only did they offer swell Care Bear themed shoes, they also had ET Shoes. I must have begged for these shoes plus a bunch of other E.T.-related clothing and toys for months. Sadly I never did get a pair. So while I might have looked snappy in my swell E.T. t-shirt and belt, my shoe remained woefully plain.

Read In 1982 you could get all the best E.T. Merchandise at the E.T. Earth Center

Occasionally I will spot a sweet pair of ET Shoes at a flea market. I am surprised in how good of shape some of them are. It is as if some kids got them as gifts, but never wore them. Me, I would have worn them out very quickly. Unfortunately they never made ET Shoes for adults. Even the largest sizes for kids are way too small for my adult feed. So I have never picked up a pair. While my ET Shoes fantasies are behind me, when I watch this commercial even now, that old sense of excitement return. I dare you to watch it and not feel compelled to sing along, “ET Shoes from Buster Brown!”

Watch this classic E.T. Shoes from Buster Brown Commercial and sing along

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  1. Holy crap… I think I have some of those stickers in my basement.

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