Fantasy Island the Board Game

My one sister and I both shared a love for the same TV shows when we were younger. We would watch reruns of the Brady Bunch when we got home from school and at night we both loved shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. When I spotted the board game based on Fantasy Island at the store, I would go nuts begging for it. This begging payed off and one X-mas we landed a copy of the Fantasy Island game. Naturally, I has expectations of my sis and I playing every night, bonding over adventures on the Isle of Fantasy.

Now I am a bit younger than her, so while I found the game to be extremely engaging, she lost interest in the game’s simple mechanics and the theming could only hold her for so long. After a bit the game moved into the game closet never to be played with again (It actually would get crushed under the weight of the game stacked on top of it). I do not blame my sister at all, I would eventually understand why she didn’t dig the game, but it was a tremendous letdown at the time and that letdown manifested itself with me not enjoying the show when we watched it for a few episodes. I mean I was a kid, so I had the attention span of a dodo bird, nothing lasted very long (except the memories), so I would eventually return to our beloved show.

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  1. I didn’t even know they had made a game for this show!

    But I get what you are saying. I bought my wife a classic “Laverne & Shirley” board game as a gift and when we played it with the kids it was… not as much fun as we hoped. It was, in turn, boring or confusing.

    Ah well. I guess somethings just can’t hold up. Now it is cool just for the nostalgia value, and that’s about all.

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