Frosted Blueberry Pop-Tarts – The Frosted Food of the Gods?

Oh Pop-Tart! Truly you are the food of the gods; brought to earth by a well meaning toaster wielding elder titan. When my family started buying these at some point in the early 1980s, it was a rare treat that would be devoured quickly after grocery day. The competition was fierce with brother fighting sister for every crumb and it would go on like that until the brilliant eldest sister realized a fatal flaw in her sugar addicted brother. He did not like his pop-tarts with frosting on them. As you might guess, trom that day forward all pop-tarts brought into the house were of the frosted variety.

The brother, try as he might, could not muster enthusiasm for the extra sugar and skulked away, oatmeal cookies in hand, dreaming of a day when he would choose the tarts.

This wonderful upload of a frosted pop-tart box by the Waffle Whiffer takes me back to those competitive years with my sisters. Blueberry was one of the top flavors in the house, but seeing that frosting dredges up a lot of hurt feelings. They were magical years, that left me hungry. Hungry for pop-tarts. Lucky I keep plenty on hand (sans frosting).

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  1. Wow, that side art takes me right back. I never knew his name was “Milton the Toaster.” A search uncovered this commercial:

    Alas, the magic is diminished. The voice all wrong!

  2. I wish they would rethink the Pop Tart box and bring it back to the late 1970s version. I also would not mind the occasional Milton appearance. He works for me as both a fan of Pop-Tarts and of Toasters.

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