Get your Sparkling Diamelle Horseshoe Ring

I remember the first time I heard the word “diamelle”. It was in a TV commercial much like this one for the horseshoe ring.

The word struck me as fun, but I had no idea what a diamelle was, so I went to my trusty dictionary to look it up. My dictionary was from the 1960s, so it didn’t have a listing for diamelle. Wanting to know, I went to my Grandmother, who was sitting in the kitchen.

She knew exactly what a diamelle was because they had started showing up on her new favorite TV channel, the Home Shopping Network.

“It is a brand of fake diamonds, most likely cubic zirconia,” she explained.

I asked her, “What is a cubic zirconia?”

She said, “It is a fake diamond.”

“Ahhh,” I thought to myself, “now I understand.”

I imagine now, kids are just told to google stuff if their parents or grandparents don’t know the answer.  Nowadays I  do the same, but this is often how I found out information in the days before the internet when my books failed me.

I miss those days.

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  1. PaulieFigarelli

    Haha I remember Diamelles so funny “not yellow or glassy”

  2. colleen thomas

    Thank you. My mother and grandmother are no longer on this earth and Google has not bee n very helpful so thank you so much for sharing

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