Do you remember Sir Grapefellow Cereal?

Do you remember Sir Grapefellow Cereal?

Growing up with older siblings could lead to a lot of envy, especially when they would brag on products I never got to try. Both of my sisters knew I loved breakfast cereals and they would regale me with tales of cereals I never got to try. On the looked especially swell was Sir Grapefellow cereal.

Grapefellow was a short-lived cereal created by General Mills in 1972. Its mascot was a World War I era pilot. His cereal was a grape flavored oat cereal with grape marshmallows and his nemesis was Baron von Redberry. While I would have probably enjoyed Redberry, it was the grape cereal that captivated me. I never saw the commercials until a few years ago and they confirm, without even tasting these treats, that I would have been all over Sir Grapefellow.

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  1. I don’t think I could stomach a grape-flavoured cereal (I’m picturing Dimetapp in milk…), but A+ for originality!

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