Hai Karate – The TAG Body Spray of the 1960s

I was watching this commercial for Hai Karate the other day and was amused at how similar the marketing concept was to the modern TAG Body Spray one. I guess some things are just timeless. However the Hai Karate campaigns differed in that they showed men aggressively trying to escape the scent charmed women who found them suddenly irresistible.

Enjoy this commercial for Hai Karate

Be warned if you find some Hai Karate at a garage sale. Do not use it. This scent was especially tuned to the scent glands of the women of the sixties and seventies. Unless this is your target demographic, beware. They will find you. Although slowly.

What do you do if have already applied it? I suggest you stay away from all nickel slot machines and weekday afternoon food courts. If this warning comes too late and you do find yourself in a dangerous situation due to Hai Karate, remember these self defense moves.

Hai Karate self defense

My father had a decent collection of cologne bottles. In the past, it seems like cologne was a go-to gift for every occasion. I would browse each bottle and play with them like they were toys. Never opening them though. One lazy afternoon I had done that and spilled a bunch on my parents bedroom carpet. Naturally I pretended I didn’t do it, but since I was also coated in cologne, they knew it was me.

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