The Hawaiian Punch Munich Olympics Contest

In 1972, Hawaiian Punch would donate money to the US Olympics effort for every can sold. At the same time they ran the “Hawaiian Punch Munich Olympics Contest.” Where they would send the winner over to Germany to see those athletes go for gold. This would become a very controversial Olympics because of the horrible event that would come to be known by many as the “Munich massacre”. Sadly it was this terrorist attack that would become synonymous with those games.

This ad is a nice respite from that dark shadow. Obviously conceived before the tragic events, it is colorful and full of optimism. It would be a nicer world if a Hawaiian Punch contest is what we had to take away from those games.

Looking online, it looks like a lot of companies were jumping aboard Olympics-mania like so many others have done before them. I looked online, but was not able to find any clue as to who won the contest. That would be a very interesting person to talk to.

Contest aside, look at those listing of flavors! I would love to see Hawaiian Punch revive some of these. Especially that sweet grape. Hawaiian Punch classic is a great drink, but I think I could do with a little Hawaiian Punch Grape.

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