Home Video of Spring Break in Palm Springs in 1990

Growing up on the east coast, I had no idea that people went to Palm Springs for Spring Break until I spotted this video artifact on YouTube. It consists of footage of people on what looks like the main drag in Palm Springs (I have only been there once) and focuses a lot on the ladies and their smallish bathing suits. So be warned and prepare for a bit of video leering.

It is a great snapshot of the start of the 1990s, capturing some of the fashion, attitudes and a little music for prosperity. What I find disturbing in this video is the lack of cloths being worn on motorcycles. It is a rolling recipe for disaster.

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  1. Justin M. Salvato

    Rather humorous video. Look, I like ladies too, but I would have preferred he filmed the store fronts for historical sake 🙂

  2. Mimi Hyso

    This is definitely downtown, the main strip, Palm Springs, California. I don’t think it is 1990, however. I lived here then and I live here now. Sonny Bono nixed spring break shortly after the 1986 shenanigans as one of his “Mayoral obligations”. Case and point: the guys have better hair than the girls do. Also note the over abundance of florescent clothing. As for the store fronts? The classics are there; Plaza Theater, Florshiem Shoes, Palm Springs General Store, Hamburger Hamlet…a classic piece of Palm Springs history in all of it’s glory when videos weren’t so easy to do.

  3. J. Allen

    I was there in Palm Spring three years in a row from ’86 to’88..and ’86 was the wildest time there, everyone had toy water guns, water balloons, buckets of water, anything to get EVERYBODY wet or water fight! Cars with people still in the cars were being rocked back and forth…it was so wild! It was even on the news in L.A…I know cause my mom saw it, but she just laughed. I know the nexttwo times i went it wasn’t as wild, more cops around traffic diverted to other streets. It was still fun!

  4. Charlie

    I, too, was in Palm Springs in “1990”. That was the year Sonny Bono shut down South Palm Canyon, the main strip where everyone is seen cruising. I remember it well, because I got my driver’s permit in 1990 and my license in 1991. For years, I had watched all the Spring Breakers, and when I finally got a chance to be a part of the “party”, it was over. 1989 was the last year that it was “a thing”. Law enforcement cracked down on everything, issuing citations for traffic violations, disturbing the peace, and every possession of a Super Soaker. Due to numerous complaints from the local businesses, Mayor Bono passed law after law and increased police presence to control the increasing numbers of college and high school Spring Breakers. So many people went home with court dates and hefty fines that it literally killed Spring Break in Palm Springs and people stopped coming altogether. The local businesses that complained about the crowds got their city and streets back. And a few years later, most were out of business…

  5. Joy

    I was there for Spring Break 1990. Nighttime was definitely better. I do remember Bono cracking down the fun. People with squirt bottles had them confiscated and/or were detained. Bono also wanted to get rid of the windmills siting “sight pollution”.

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