Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

jayce and the wheeled warriors

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors first aired on September 16, 1985 and ran until December 13, 1985 (although it did run in reruns for longer). It was produced by DIC Entertainment. The show, which would have a total of 65 thirty-minute episodes, was made to support Mattel’s toy line, “Wheeled Warriors”. The show features an ongoing plot, but sadly it ended before a proper resolution.

The show has two sides, the good guys on the show are humans, called the Lightning League. They are led by Jayce and drive white and silver vehicles with assorted weaponry. The bad guys are these vegetable creatures called the Monster Minds. The creatures change from their humanoid forms into vehicles upon leaving their headquarters, usually those vehicles are black and green. The Monster Minds are led by Saw Boss.

Here is the show’s memorable introduction:

and tell me you don’t just break into singing when you hear this commercial…

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  1. mooncity

    Wow, those people look really cheerful while being shot at by the bad guys!

  2. Evil Monster Minds on wheels? Dammit all, my life has been wasted. Someone get me this show on disc!

  3. VicSage2005

    This show followed Defenders of the Earth on one of my local stations, a nice bit of entertainment in itself. O.A. you can pick up the DVD Wheeled Warriors DVD from Amazon, I grabbed it and the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers set a year or so ago. 🙂

  4. i bought the very first release of a few of the episodes several years ago from Amazon, and it’s cool to own because I liked it as a kid, but as with many of these ’80s cartoons I don’t think Jayce holds up too well. I’m probably the minority though because there’s many people who would disagree. I was a big fan as a kid though.

  5. Peachy

    Loved this show, it was all kinds of awesome!

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