Lee Nails and Press On Nails

Despite having seen hours of commercials for nail repair and press on nail kits, I still have no idea how they really work. When I was a kid though, I had a teacher who wore the press on kind, I knew this because once while she was reviewing some work with me, I saw her nails and the space between the cuticle and the press on nail was really obvious. I didn’t say anything to her, but I asked my family about it when I got home and they explained it to me. It was enlightening, but from that point on, all I could do was stare at those nails.

As I mentioned, they ran a lot of commercials for the nail systems. The on for Press On Nails is the one I remember the most…

While that one is memorable, this one for the Lee Nails repair kit is a lot more interesting. The husband sees his wife break a nail, then asks her if she grew a new one?? Is he joking? Does he not understand how fingernails work or does he think that they grow super fast on women?

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