Lilt Softperm Lasts for Months


Ahh the Perm. My sisters and mother all went through a strange perm phase and I am not sure why. I never considered myself a good judge of hair, but their hair looked a lot better before they put all these unnatural looking curls and waves into it. Yet everyone they met at the time told them they liked their hair, so I played along rather than hurt their feelings. The whole thing seemed like a giant conspiracy and I never could figure it out.

Reflecting back on it I can only think that they were all victims of this giant perm joke and had received bad one and were trying to make my sister feel better or they were all terribly cruel and wanted to encourage people to change their hair to something less attractive. To gain some sort of “hair advantage”, which is a term from the 1980s that I just made up.

To this day I caution people from doing anything to their hair when they ask my opinion. I don’t know much about hairstyles, but my exposure to the perm trend has scarred me for life.

I found this ad for Lilt Softperm, which is an “at home” perm product. I wonder if this woman really used Lilt at home or if her was professionally done and what did her hair look like before the Lilt? So many unanswered questions. It is enough to drive a person crazy with “perm madness”.

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