McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Fiesta

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Fiesta

In 1988, McDonald ran their “Fiesta” promotion. During the promotion, they gave some of their food, McNuggets specifically, a south of the border twist. To make it a little more “festive” they even included a coin collecting gimmick which kept bringing me back week after week.

So every time you bought some Fiesta Nuggets, with its special sauce selection you received a real “South of the Border”(their words) coin. I remember very fondly trying to get my hands on all 6 of the coins they offered so that I could fill up my little card.

They had 3 new flavors of dipping sauce during the promotion. I tried them all, but I was addicted to the Sweet and Sour even back then. So, while I liked the coins, I could not bring myself to enjoy a new sauces.

The sauces were:

  • Mesquite BBQ
  • Green Chili Salsa with Jalapeno Peppers
  • Mild Salsa with Chunks of Tomato and Onions

You can see the entire line up of sauces in this commercial. This was not the ad that ran in my area, so I was thrilled when it was posted since it gave a better breakdown of the sauces.

This was the commercial I was familiar with. It didn’t have much detail, but I remember it fondly.

If you wanted to wash down all that delicious McNuggets goodness, might I suggest the sorely missed, Fiesta Colada Shake? These were a delicious creamy blend of Pineapple and Coconut that I cannot believe more people are not clamoring to have brought back.

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  1. vinvectrex

    I’m was a big fan of Shanghai McNuggets, but completely forgot about these. With that package, you got chopsticks and a fortune cookie – but no other prize like the coin.

  2. The Retroist

    Your post in the forum about the Shanghai nuggets is what triggered my memory of these…

  3. Vinvectrex

    Shanghai or Fiesta – it’s time that McDonalds revisited some McNugget options. It’s a great way to bring some new fun to an existing product.

  4. Michael

    I worked for McDonald’s during the Fiesta promo. After the promo was over we still had 3 cases of the coins in the storage room. A year later we were instructed by the owner to clean out the storage room and discard or remove all of the boxes and old promo items. I was able to keep the 3 cases of the coins along with a few other toys and signs. My kids were small at the time so needless to say the signs and toys didn’t last too long however I still have most all of the coins.

  5. john forde

    do you have the Ecuador coin ?

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