McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Fiesta

In the late 1980s, I think 1988, McDonald ran this Fiesta promotion. During the promotion, they gave some of their food, McNuggets specifically, a south of the border twist. To make it a little more “festive” they even included a coin collecting gimmick. So every time you bought some Fiesta Nuggets, with its special sauce selection you received a real Latin American coin. I remember very fondly trying to get my hands on all 6 of the coins they offered so that I could fill up my little card.

mcdonalds fiesta

I have been trying to figure out which sauces were available with the Fiesta, but I cannot find a source that tells me. I was addicted to the Sweet and Sour even back then and while I liked the coins, I could not bring myself to enjoy a new sauce. In this commercial you get a brief glimpse of what could be the sauces:

If you wanted to wash down all that delicious McNuggets goodness, might I suggest the sorely missed, Fiesta Colada Shake?

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  1. I’m was a big fan of Shanghai McNuggets, but completely forgot about these. With that package, you got chopsticks and a fortune cookie – but no other prize like the coin.

  2. Your post in the forum about the Shanghai nuggets is what triggered my memory of these…

  3. Shanghai or Fiesta – it’s time that McDonalds revisited some McNugget options. It’s a great way to bring some new fun to an existing product.

  4. I worked for McDonald’s during the Fiesta promo. After the promo was over we still had 3 cases of the coins in the storage room. A year later we were instructed by the owner to clean out the storage room and discard or remove all of the boxes and old promo items. I was able to keep the 3 cases of the coins along with a few other toys and signs. My kids were small at the time so needless to say the signs and toys didn’t last too long however I still have most all of the coins.

  5. do you have the Ecuador coin ?

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