Mello Yello Expands Distribution and gets Retro Package Design

Growing up on the East Coast of the United States, Mello Yello was a rare soda pop. In my neck of the woods, New Jersey, Mello Yello was only available in one location that I could find and my family hardly ever went by it. When we did, my pleas for Mello Yello often fell on deaf ears. It is a fine drink and I would often wonder why they just wouldn’t sell it in more locations. Well I will wonder no more. Coca-Cola has announced that the smooth Mello citrus taste is expanding its territory to include places like Philadelphia and the Pacific Northwest. Oh and to make things even sweeter they are released it with a remixed version of Mello Yello original packaging. I have seen it in stores here alread and it is retro and eye-catching. Peep this…

So a nice little bit of the retro is in stores already and some new places are getting a classic beverage. Not bad. Let’s hope this starts a trend at the ol’ Coca-Cola company and we see some more retro design and, fingers-crossed, an America-bottled sugar cane version of Coca-Cola.

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  1. Wings

    We have some in our fridge right now. 🙂

  2. Aaron Wilson

    I have fond memories of walking down the clay hill to the grocery store, dropping in my quarter, and retrieving my glass bottle of Mello Yello. I could chug the whole thing right there in the store… probably b/c I’d have to pay the nickel bottle deposit for leaving the store!

    Just found this site – great stuff!

  3. The Retroist

    Great memory Aaron..and welcome to the site.

  4. LBD "Nytetrayn"

    I wouldn’t say it’s an East-Coast thing; growing up in NC, I don’t ever recall having any difficulty finding Mello Yello. Some places, such as Hardee’s, even had a slot for it in their fountain.

    Up here in Toronto, though, it’s far more rare. I hope that maybe this spreading of distribution will carry it here.

  5. Ugly American

    I could go for some Mello Yello made with real sugar.

  6. michael arsenault

    mello yellow made with real sugar.

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