Mid-1980s Jersey Shore Seaside Heights Commercial with Bonus Footage


Growing up in New Jersey, we had a selection of shore towns to visit during the summer. Where you went was largely based on where you parents had been taken as a kid. My parents were both Asbury Park people. As Asbury Park’s glory days faded though we moved to other boardwalks, chiefly Pt. Pleasant and Seaside Heights.

Those were exciting summer days and this commercial captures a lot of the magic I expected to find on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. From the pizza to the rides to the video games, everything I liked about summer could be found on a boardwalk.

I hope you enjoy the commercial and that it gives you a taste of what the shore means to a lot of people who grew up within driving distance of it. Please stay after the commercial though, because the person who posted this video found the pre-edited footage shot for this commercial and included it. They have great shots of the beaches and boardwalk, Rainbow Rapids, Maruca’s Pizza, Razzles nightclub, Pac Man, Casino Pier, Sun-N-Fun signs, stands, The Carousel, Dotty’s, The Berkeley Sweet Shop, Sonny’s & Rickey’s, Midway Steaks, the rides The Barnegat Bay, crabbing, fishing, boardwalk wheels and much much more.

This is the Jersey Shore, before “The Jersey Shore”.

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  1. ddsw

    Hell yes. I grew up near there and spent plenty of time at the shore, especially Point Pleasant the ever sketchy Keansburg. Although Keansburg is probably a paradise compared to Asbury Park these days…

  2. The Retroist

    My family was always in denial about the sketchiness of the places we went. I think we finally stopped going to Asbury Park when we realized we were the only ones there on a really beautiful sunny Saturday.

  3. RetroArt

    This is great.
    My 70s/80s Summers were spent frequenting Asbury Park (sketchy), the great Long Branch Pier and the then ultra-sketchy Keansburg boardwalk.
    Seaside Heights, Wildwood, Barnegat Bay were envisioned by me as ideal boardwalk paradises along the Jersey Shore which were just a little too far away to conveniently drive to.
    Besides, the quality of my surroundings really didn’t matter as much as which video games were available for my quarters to disappear into.
    Asbury Park had a great mix of emgs and the early video games (“Death Race” anyone?).
    While the big, plush Scotty’s Arcade of the Long Branch Pier had all the latest and greatest video games. Some were even test marketed & debuted there.
    I recall when the TRON game was test marketed there- with a second video monitor mounted on top for viewing of the current player’s progress by the deeply gathered crowd around the lone machine.
    Ironically, the sketchiest out of the three Shore points, Keansburg, is now a well-developed & maintained family amusement boardwalk while the other two have lost all their boardwalk amusements and are now residentially/commercially developed.

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