Monster Cereal Fun Facts and Commercials

I love Boo Berry cereal. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just find that laid-back droopy eyed blue breakfast ghost and his delicious cereal so damn appealing. So enamored am I that every Halloween I stock my cabinets full of the Monster Cereals (usually 5 or 6 boxes) and by December its all gone. I eat it for snacks, breakfast..anytime.

While having a bowl for dinner this evening I thought to myself “I really like this cereal. I should find out more about it.” So I got on the internet and compiled some fun fact I thought my fellow Monster Cereal fans might enjoy.

– Franken Berry and Count Chocula were introduced by General Mills in 1971, Boo Berry came along 2 years later and in 1974 Fruit Brute was released.

– The flavors of the 5 monsters cereals are:
— Count Chocula = Frosted Chocolate flavored cereal with marshmallows.
— Franken Berry = Frosted Strawberry flavored cereal with marshmallows.
— Boo Berry = Frosted Blue Berry flavored cereal with marshmallows.
— Fruit Brute = Frosted Fruit flavored cereal with lime flavored marshmallows.
— Yummy Mummy = Frosted Fruit flavored cereal with vanilla flavored marshmallows.

– Fruit Brute was first Monster Cereal to be discontinued. They stopped making it in 1983.

– In 1987, General Mills came up with a new fruity cereal and created a brand new spokesmonster, Yummy Mummy. His reign of fruity terror came to end in 1993. Technically GM never considered Yummy Mummy a part of the Monster Cereal line, but of course we know better.

– Although Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy cereals have never been revived their spokesmonster images still can be found on Monster Cereal merchandise. A rarity in the cereal world.

– Contrary to popular belief Franken Berry and Boo Berry have not been discontinued. They are just not as popular as Count Chocula so they get a more sporadic nationwide release. Best time to look for them? Halloween, of course.

– Count Chocula was briefly discontinued to consumer conern over its sugar level. It has since been re-released in a more “healthy” form. It now has 9 less calories per cup.

– The initial run of Franken Berry contained a dye that did not break down in the body and caused the consumers stool to come out a disturbing pink. This phenomenon came to be called…wait for it…Franken Berry Stool. A new dye was quickly implemented.

– If Boo Berry sounds familiar it is because it is an actor imitating the famed actor Peter Lorre (who bears a resemblence to Boo Berry). The voice of Count Chocula is modeled after Bela Lugosi and had been voiced by the great Larry Kenney (father of Reno 911’s Kerry Kenney-Silver). Franken Berry’s voice was modeled after Boris Karloff.

– The Monster Cereal ads were created by the Dancer, Fitzgerald and Sample ad agency.

– Count Chocula’s original catchphrase was “I vant to eat you cereal”.


Of course one of the things that really sell the Monster Cereal is the awesome commercials. Here are a few of my favorites:

Early 1970s Franken Berry vs. County Chocula

1970s Franken Berry, County Chocula and Boo Berry

1980s and Franken Berry and County Chocula are still at it. But now they have been merged into live action setting.

A rare commercial from 1984 that has Boo Berry,County Chocula and …Richard Nixon???

What you are still here? You need more Monster Cereal action? I suggest you stop by and read the awesome Breakfast of the Gods Comic Series by Brendan Douglas Jones. Its amazing.

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  1. The Sexy Armpit

    Thanks for recommending Breakfast of the Gods…I checked it out!

  2. metagirl

    I love the monster cereals too. And now that I know that they are “vitamin charged” — according to the early ’70s commercial — I love them even more! Just one question: Do ghosts usually wear bow ties?

  3. The Retroist

    SA – Glad you like that comic as well. Spread the word.

    metagirl – Little known fact: All ghosts wear bow ties.

  4. Galan y Giles

    We are trying to bring these guys back…officially. Check out some preproduction work we are doing. Spread the word if you are a Monsters Cereal Fan!

  5. The Retroist

    Galan, what are you trying to do exactly? I am a big fan of the Monster Cereals.

    They still exist so whats the goal? I want in…

  6. ctupa

    I bought these cereals at Target 3 weeks ago, ate them all and then made sketchbooks and journals out of the box art. Long live the Monsters!! A side note, this was the first cereal Ive eaten in 6 years.

  7. MuckSP

    Fun Monster Cereal fact: Fruit Brute appears in Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction”

  8. Jenny

    Love BooBerry and Franken Berry- I even wrote the company when I was 8 because I (my mom) could not find the cereals. They wrote back and included and ton of coupons…I was so proud!!! hehehe!

  9. moe

    Brought back many memories,my closet were filled with all three ,but in those days they were sold year round, I say bring back the good old days!

  10. knight1192

    I was born the same year you say the Fruit Brute came out and I don’t remember it to be perfectly honest. But looking at the description I’m not sure I’d want to have tried it. I mean seriously, lime flavored marshmellows?

    Fond childhood memories of the first three, especially Boo Berry. Can remember once every month my family would make the trip towards the state capital of the state we were living in at the time, something like an hour and a half to a two hour long trip. To a kid of seven or eight it felt like forever, especially with younger sisters. Keep in mind my mother did regulary go to the local supermarket, but once a month we went to this one near the capitol where we seriously stocked up on groceries (think two to two and a half shopping carts rounded over). On at least a couple mom packed snack baggies for each of us with the Monster cereals, and I always got the Boo Berry. One bag had to last two the store and back, but I had blue teeth for a good bit of the day. Today, sadly, I can only get them at Halloween, but it does bring those memories back.

    Question, why does GM say on their site that Boo Berry was released in ’72 and you say ’73?

  11. The Retroist

    @knight1192 — Great question about the 72/73 question and great memories.

    All of my sources, including some info I received from GM marketing folks say 73 — so I put 1973. I haven’t seen this 72 date or the reason why it says 1973 in so many other places. I will check it out.

  12. gorgo

    GM briefly test marketed Sweet Thing, a carrot-flavored cereal with a James Arness-looking orange guy on the box. At least that’s what I heard.

  13. Scorpio

    Does anyone remember a commercial that said “watch out for looney moons and pum-p-kins”?? I thought it was a cereal commercial aired around halloween.

  14. surfercrab

    I can understand the discontinued
    Fruit Brute (lime marshmallows), but why did they discontinue the mummy fruit cereal ???

  15. The Retroist

    I am confused by it as well. It was delicious (as was Fruit Brute). I keep hoping the will do some small batch releases to give it another shot.

  16. Mannykins

    I am a big fan of this cereal-series. I always thought they should have one called “Raspberry Zombie.” It would have green- and purple-colored marshmallows, and when you added the milk you’d get green and purple colored swirls in your bowl.

  17. john

    Those monster cereals are very hard to come by! The only time I can get them is around Halloween, and after that they’re gone. (AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!)
    We’ve taken those cereals for granted, as I remember seeing the commercials for them and they were always sold in stores year round. But now, missing out on them can really be a Halloween scare .

  18. I’m really glad you went on a fact finding mission for monster cereals! This is totally speaking my language…and no one ever seems to remember fruit brute. I included him in my portrait of discontinued advertising villains (gotta show the werewolf some love!) but it’s good to see that, among his other fiends, you’ve finally truly given him his “just desserts”…”just breakfasts?”…

  19. Michael

    I grew up on all the monster cereals. I also remember when they stopped selling booberry in Oklahoma City, you REALLY had to shop to find it. I found a box of it at a Target, of all places, a few years back, but when I got it home in in the bowl, I noticed the taste had drastically changed! WTH!! Anyone know what they did to it? I am sure it had something to do with the chemicals in it, but hey! I grew up on lead-based paint and drinking out of the garden hose & I am just fine! I wish they would bring back the original formulas. (Minus the whole red dye thing in FB!)

  20. Kyle

    So THAT’S what the tangy part of Fruit Brute was, lime marshmallows.
    I LOVED that stuff. It was the best of the batch.
    Currently have the surviving three on hand. It’s October – They’re in stores NOW.

  21. Return to the 80s

    Loved the monster cereals! I actually had all those mini-monster toys from that 70s commercial. Being a chocoholic, I loved Count Chocula, but it was good to change things up a bit with Franken Berry and Boo Berry

  22. General Mills

    You all need to stop worrying i will tell you the big secret… Since i work at GM i will tell you what we are doing for 2012. we will bring back all of the Original flavors of all of the Monster Cereals for a limited time and ONLY for…….A WEEK!!!!!!!!! I am really apart of this company an you can’t tell any of GM i told all of you this. ENJOY!!!!!!!

  23. Randy Lahey

    Nixon? Sounds like Anthony Perkins.

  24. Lbryan

    These are fake!! The originals had tiny single colored marshmallows that matched the taste of the cereal. Now it looks like they took leftover Lucky Charms marshmallows and chucked them in the box. I want my mini booberry mallows!

  25. Josh Krajnak

    Frankenberry Stool inspired a subplot in Stephen King’s “Cujo.” The dad works for an ad agency representing a cereal that causes red vomit. I’m a fan of the cereal as well.

  26. Tina

    these cereals taste horrible now, when i was a kid they tasted more like a berry or chocolate flavored lucky charms cereal now you cant even taste the berry flavors and the cereal itself isn’t even the texture of lucky charms cereal anymore like it used to be… they need to put them back the way they were.

  27. Rita Ponder

    I love all 3 monster cerceals ,my grandson especially likes the boo berry ,we got some about 2 weeks ago and now cant find any,no where.Please help I will buy more seeing they are seasonal ,I had been looking for them for away now. I love it so much and so does my 4 year old grandson. I also love it is Gluten free ! Please help me I live in hendersonville N.C. Thanks so much for your time

  28. Torg

    I’ve been a huge fan of Frank, The Count, and Boo for nearly 40 yrs. Growing up, my dad never bought this stuff, instead it was Cheerios, Wheaties, or Team. I’d mow lawns as a kid and save my own money to do a weekly splurge and buy Frank, Boo, then The Count on a rotational basis. I just had my 48th birthday and my daughter and her husband among other gifts bought “The Gang” for me to celebrate. I hate to say it, but what a disappointment. Over the years the original formula/recipe has been changed enough that this cereal vaguely resembles the original wonder that I and millions of other kids fell in love with. And the classic original animated figures were the best. I understand Gen. Mills has felt the need to recycle the looks of the characters and cereal formulas over the years, but it hasn’t been an improvement in my opinion. I’d love to see Gen.Mills bring back the exact original gang in a “Retro-Original” fashion. Offering this compared to the existing versions today would be like having Coke or Pepsi vs. Generic Cola imported from China laced with Melamine. Ok, enough said. Bring back the original!!!

  29. Cuber

    Went to my local supermarket today and was able to buy ALL 5 cereals!! Another shopper and I were reminiscing about our childhoods while our kids rolled their eyes at us.

    I went back and traded my hand basket for a full cart. SHUT UP KIDS DADDY IS GETTING HIS BOO BERRY FIX. Just had a bowl of Boo Berry AND Franken Berry before writing this comment.

  30. Tiffany

    As a kid (born in 1972) I loved these cereals growing up. My mom didn’t really buy sugar cereals very much but once in awhile she would spring for the Count and his buddies. My favorite was always the Count but Boo and Franken were always a good switch up. I grew up in south Florida and remember these cereals being harder and harder to find. My aunt used to mail me boxes because she lived in Minneapolis and could still get them there. Sadly tho, over the years they have changed the formula into something that is barely recognizable. What used to be a perfectly textured chocolatey or fruity nirvana with tons of tiny, milk absorbing marshmallows is now an airy, weakly flavored wannabe. U can barely tell the difference between the Boo and the Franken. These cereals hold a very special place in my heart. I can only hope that one day they will bring back the original recipe because there has never been anything like it since. Viva The Count, Boo, Franken, The Brute and The Mummy of Yummy…hopefully we will meet again!!! I miss u!

  31. grrrr

    I agree, bring back the original recipe, they are so different now, they’re awful compared to the original!!

  32. MaoShan

    I remember the original versions of Boo Berry, Franken Berry and Count Chocula, too. I am glad someone else noticed the difference. If my memory serves me right, the original marshmallows had actual flavor to them, you could smell the difference between the cereals wafting from the box. The actual cereal bits were completely different. The new ones are sort of crispy, with a shiny sort of glaze. The old ones were almost exactly the texture of the plain cereal of Lucky Charms, which I don’t think is corn to begin with. Maybe the old ones were oat-based? and yes, they had very dark blue which was probably specifically made to dye your milk. I also think that the different monsters had different shapes of cereal, not the exact same ghost-ish shape that all the current ones do.

  33. scott b

    pretty sure that’s s’posed to be jimmy stewart, not nixon, but it’s hard to tell from one sentence

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