Mr. Wizard’s Experiments in Electronics

As a kid I had Mr. Wizard’s Experiments in Electronics and it was one of my favorite things to play with. The set came to me second-hand, from some neighbor who gave it to my Mom to give to me (they knew I had an interest in science).

I remember opening it and feeling the science coming off this thing. It came with a book that explained what to do with a set of modular blocks. These blocks were incredibly ingenious. They were transparent, so you could see the electronic components inside of it. They also had magnetic contact plates so they could be connected to other blocks. When you connected the correct blocks to each other, you would complete a large electronic piece. It was a brilliant toy!

I am not sure what happened to my set, but I tried to hunt it down a few years ago and failed. Lucky for me, there are plenty of the sets for sale at reasonable prices.

Image via stevenpdk2000
Image via stevenpdk2000

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  1. I watched Mr. Wizard every weekend! If I had one of these kits as a kid, it would have blown my mind! Going to have to be on the lookout for one now that I know it exists.

  2. I’ve never heard of these kits before, though there is a similar set originally from the 70s, later reissued in 2002 (dunno if it’s still available) from japan. It’s possible that the mr wizard ones are actually a rebranded version:
    While I didn’t have any block based electronics system, I did have a “30 in 1” and a “150 in 1” system from radio shack when I was a kid, these used wires that you jammed into springs, and all the components were permanently attached to the board. I played with these during the same timeframe that I watched mr wizard on nickelodeon.

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