MST3K ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama 1994 Registration Form

I received this form with the intention of attending this most sacred of events, but due to family stuff, I was unable to attend. The scars of non-attendance must have been pretty strong, since I cannot seem to let the registration form go even after 16 years. I sleep with this in my wish bundle under my pillow and when the moon is just right and my pre-bed warm milk is just the right temperature, I dream that I was there and that I had the full on Forrester’s Package (even though it was SOLD OUT).



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  1. I’ve heard that these folks give a great live show. The tour would have been fun. Hang on to that registration form – maybe you can use it if they host a 2014 event.

  2. Vincectrex is right, keep your hands firmly holding that oft folded registration form. This would have been amazing, I have no doubt.

    Hey, at least you have streaming MST3K streaming on Netflix, right?

  3. I know it’s the humor of a 5 year old but there is something that is making me chuckle about checking the box and saying that “I want Torgo’s Package.”

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