My Computer Setup in the mid-1990s

I am happy to say that I am a lot better organized then I was when I took this photos. I guess this was around 1996 or 1997 based on some of the toys on my desk. The computer pictured was with me until about 2004. It was a good friend.


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  1. Pop Rewind

    I wish I could find a photo of my set up, as it was eerily similar, lol! Dig that Mentos sticker

  2. The Retroist

    That mentos things was actually some sort of signage. Tiny signage. I think I might have it laying around still. Sadly it is too large to fit on my monitor like in pic.

    Also, I am not sure why I needed so much light on just the right side of my desk. 2 lamps??

  3. Justin M. Salvato

    No offense Retroist, but your year doesn’t make sense (to me). That looks like Windows 3.1. You’re telling me that you were using Windows 3.1, with a 5.25 inch floppy drive in 1996? 2004??

    I see you got AOL 3.5 inch disks there. And some stylish wood paneling =)

  4. The Retroist

    I wish I could say I was wrong, but I pretty sure this is 1996 or so. It took me a few years to save for a replacement machine. I had the machine until 2004, but I do not think I used it much. Maybe turned it on out of nostalgia, but that was about it. My computer after this has a CD-Rom, it was amazing!

  5. Matt

    Great photo! I love pics of people’s desk/work areas/ studios/etc, especially vintage ones. Yeah, that screams mid-to-late 90s, based on the Herc figure and the Star Wars Taco Bell premium (I think that’s what the box is, at least).

  6. Justin M. Salvato

    It’s a fascinating photo, because on one hand, decor says mid-1980s, the PC says 1992. Definitely understand having it for nostalgia purpores.

  7. robotspjs

    Hercules says its the mid 90s for sure.

  8. Brian

    AOL Free – on a floppy – in the bin on the TV?

  9. The Retroist

    Yeah, I think I held on to those discs long after I didn’t need them anymore.

  10. Atari Adventure Square

    AOL diskettes made great coasters.

    And the machines might have changed, but the setup remains familiar.
    I still keep my TV and PC in the same room.

    And the clutter, well…it just follows me like a faithful hound.

  11. Dar

    Really cool photot.

    Surprised to see a 5 1/4 floppy on any post-90 computer.

    What’s the same on the right side (under the papers)?

  12. Batty

    You’ll have to pry my Commodore 64 out of my cold, dead hands!

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