The Nintendo Powerline is Back

To celebrate the release of the mighty, but tiny NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has revived their iconic Powerline for one weekend only. Starting today, November 11th, the Powerline will be available until November 13th. So what do you get when you call the famous phone number?

To start with you get about a one minute introduction and sales pitch for the classic edition. Then you get to the point of the line, the tips. This is not like the Nintendo Powerline of old though. Here you get to pick from three retro games: Legend of Zelda, Metroid or Super Mario Bros. Once you choose, you hear from a person who worked at the Powerline when it was still active. They share memories of what it was like and then give you a valuable tip to help you game. If hearing these veterans tell tales of their early days doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then you need to hang up your Power Glove.

This is nothing you couldn’t learn from doing an online search, but it give you insight into our gaming forebears dealt with being stuck. The 2016 Nintendo Powerline is a nostalgic romp. Sure, it is not as useful as it was back in its heyday, but it certainly has me excited to pick up a Classic Edition. So overall a great idea from the people doing Nintendo’s marketing on the Classic Edition. I just hope it is enough to counter the people angry at number of consoles that are available.

The phone number is 425-885-7529. Make sure to get your parent’s permission before you call.

If you can’t stand pushing all those numbers, I did it for you this morning and recorded it. So you can listen to the entire call, along with all three tips and stories by clicking the player below.

Listen to the 2016 Edition of the Nintendo Powerline