No Escape

At first glance, “No Escape”, appears to be a well developed Greek mythology themed shooter. But when you play it you quickly realize that it is more of a joystick controlled Breakout clone with an interesting twist. Instead of just shooting bricks and clearing levels. You shoot the bricks, causing them to drop from the ceiling and brain the monsters floating above you. That subtle shift in gameplay takes the tired brick blasting genre and reinvigorates it 3 years before Arkanoid would sweep into arcades and into my heart.

The game casts you as the mythological hero Jason and armed with rocks (ah, ole god crusher #27 – Ed) you face flying hordes in some sort of Greek temple. You can use your rocks to take out the flying monsters, but that is only a temporary measure. You hit them with a rock and they will return and in greater number. So you take aim at the ceiling and start knocking bricks and dropping them on their heads to permanently take them out. Clear out a group and you will get a reward based on the number of bricks still remaining.

This is a quality Imagic title with decent sound and well done graphics. Jason and the monsters are all well-defined and the temple and its rainbow brick roof looks great. As a bonus, if you “win”, you get a pretty cool reward screen, Jason escaping on Pegasus. Very nice.

I have been playing some real stinkers lately, so “No Escape” was a welcome change of pace. The game is challenging and well made with good sound, cool graphics and interesting gameplay. It could use a little difficulty adjustment at times, but if you are cautious and your heart is pure, you will be victorious. I give “No Escape” 4 out of 5 stars.

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