Order your very own Retroist T-Shirt Today!

UPDATE: Size Large is currently sold out.

Good news for the fans of the site who have been asking me for a Retroist t-shirt or were interested when I made the post last week. The shirts are in! I was not sure what to do for a shirt, I wanted it to say Retroist on it somewhere, but I also wanted it to look kind of retro. So I combined two of my favorite t-shirts. The classic DEVO t-shirt and the Monster Squad Stephen King Rules T-shirt into one simple design.


To get an idea of what it sort of looks like on a human/emoticon hybrid, here is a mock-up of it. Placement varies slightly, but you get the idea.


The shirts cost $15 each and that includes shipping and all that jazz.

The shirts are Port and Company black 100% preshrunk cotton. Now it is a small batch, so supplies are limited and I am doing shipping and all that myself. So in order to make sure I don’t get an order for a size that I already sent out, I will take orders via email (retro). If in the email please include:

– How many shirts you would like.
– The size of those shirts.

After I confirm I have the shirt in the size you want, I will email you a follow-up with how to pay via paypal. The only online payment method that looks useful to me now is PayPal and I am only shipping within the United States. Of course if you have some other ideas or methods (or insights into affordable International Shipping), feel free to email them to me.

Has anyone used Amazon Payments? That is the other service I am looking at.

I hope this is not all that confusing (I am sure it is), but if not and you would like a shirt, please email me at retroist@retroist.com.

I appreciate everyone’s patience while I got these made. I hope they are something you would like and I look forward to seeing pics of people sporting them.

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  1. I will be placing my order this weekend. Very nice sir.

  2. Size “Large” is almost sold out. When it is I will put a note in the post.

  3. I would love one of these shirts but unfortunately, they most probably aren’t long enough. I’m very tall and most shirts ride halfway up my back when I sit down or bend over. Oh, well. I can’t get any of the shirts on 80stees.com either.

  4. I would love to get one of these shirts, but unfortunately they are probably way too short for me. Most normal sized shirts ride halfway up my back when I sit down or bend over. Oh, well. I can’t even get any of the awesome shirts on 80stees.com.

  5. Spotted Feather – Now I really would like to know, how tall are you?

  6. You should make up some women’s shirts. 🙂

  7. I went with “Unisex” because I was not sure how well they would do. If I do move through this batch and do a 2nd batch I will look into women’s style shirts.

  8. I got my shirts today- thank you!
    I’m not too familiar with the inspirational source of the design- I like it because it looks like an old school, DIY t-shirt one would have custom made at a mall t-shirt shop!

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