Pac-man Glasses from Arby’s

I love purchasing vintage collector’s glasses. If you do the same, and put them in a collectors cabinet, you should love me. Because I am the person making all of your glasses rarer. That is right, I like to use the glasses that I buy. Not only do I use them, but I use them heavily. These are not special occasion glasses, these are everyday glasses that get washed in the dishwasher. I get great joy from using them. Still, whenever I buy a new one, I get the urge to preserve. That is exactly what is happening with my new Pac-man glasses.

These glasses were sold by Arby’s in the early eighties. You could get it for just 59 cents with the purchase of a medium soft drink. It was a great deal. Unfortunately, as a youth, I was not Arby’s adjacent. Therefore no Pac-man glasses for me until now. I picked up two, one is slightly used looking, but the other is crisp and colorful. It just begs to both be put up on a shelf and filled with a cold soft drink. Right now, I am debating what to do, but I know what will happen in the end. I will use it.

Fortunately the Arby’s Pac-man glasses are still pretty affordable. You can usually find them for under 6 bucks each. Online, people will jack up the shipping. After all this is vintage glass they are putting in the mail. So if you can find a glass in person that costs a little but more, it is worth it. Another bright spot, this is a collection of one. Arby’s made just the one design. So if you pick one up, your collection is complete.

They have a commercial for the glasses. This did not run in my area or I am sure I would have remembered it. The animation is swell. Pac-man not only chases ghosts and gets chased, but chows down on some Arby’s food and their logo. This is a great gem from the golden age of video games. It is almost as good as the glasses it is promoting.

Watch the classic Arby’s Pac-man Glasses Commercial

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