Pepsi Commercials of the 1980s


In the 1980s the Cola War was raging. Coke was on the defense and Pepsi pulled in a bevy of A-Listers to remind you to drink Pepsi. After all Pepsi was the Choice of a New Generation and who better to represent the new generation then Madonna, Michael J. Fox and Don Johnson?

Pepsi and Miami Vice

What happens when you put Glenn Fry and Don Johnson in the same car under a neon sky? Today? Nothing. But in the 1980s you got magic. This Pepsi Commercial, much like Miami Vice is high on style and light on substance. Don and Glenn tool around town Miami, listening to Glenn, flirting with the ladies, and of course, drinking Pepsi.

What I don’t understand is how they could be listening to the music for 30 seconds before Glenn Fry realizes he is listening to his own song. Maybe he was confused because it was a butchered so badly to include Pepsi lyrics?

Like a Pepsi..I mean Prayer

I know you might find this hard to believe, but their was a time when Madonna would push almost any product to make a buck. At least here she is pushing a quality product. This was billed as a big event. See Madonna’s newest video as part of a Pepsi commercial

Another thing that is hard to believe? That music videos were ever this popular. But the 80s (even the late 1980s) were a weird time. When you watch this video keep in mind how this song is supposed to be about something spiritual or something. So the Pepsi tie-in makes perfect sense.

Its the choice of a spiritually enlightened and reality confused generation.

Copy me a Pepsi

This commercial starring Michael J Fox is actually pretty creative. Michael wants a Pepsi. He is a celeb and magical things happen to celebs. All they need to do is fold a piece of paper and *Floop-de-doo** instant Pepsi!

Bonus – BK stinger at the end of this commercial. Back in the day BK served Pepsi and the world was ruled by a cabal of evil red dragons.


Get your Pepsi Free at Augsbury Mini Mart! So I go in and here is the exchange….

I can’t give you anything free kid.

Well then how about a Tab?

Not until you order something!

OK just give me something without sugar.

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  1. Metal Misfit

    Michael J. Fox rules, I loved his Pepsi commercials. The one shown here is definitely my favorite.

    Pepsi, by the by, is STILL my soda preference against Coca-Cola.

  2. The Retroist

    Pepsi usually has the better non-Christmas related soda commercials. But when Santa is involved…make mine Coke.

  3. davidg

    does any one remeber who the girl was in the pepsi jeep give away commercials was, i think she was apolish model

  4. Metal Misfit

    You want a Pepsi, pal, you’re gonna pay for it.

  5. The Retroist

    Ok just give me something without sugar…

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