Pepsi Limited Edition 1978 Design Fountain Cups

Pepsi Limited Edition 1978 Design Fountain Cups

I went to the supermarket the other day and while walking past the deli, I spotted their Pepsi soda fountain. Usually, I just walk past this self-service dispenser of sugary deliciousness, but something new caught my attention. Actually I should say, something old.

They had replaced their standard fountain soda cups with this wonderful Limited Edition 1978 design. I made a bee-line to them and plucked one from the dispenser, staring at it like some sort of paper grail.

After spending about three minutes inspecting the cup, I decided that I should have a Pepsi, even though it was 7 in the morning.

Won’t you gentlemen have a Pepsi

I mention the time because I want to show just how powerful the draw of this original design was on me. This old school branding not only got me to drink Pepsi, but it basically became my breakfast.

Pepsi Limited Edition 1978 Design Fountain Cups Gallery

If you are a fan of these sorts of things, keep your eyes peeled. They are showing up at many places that they serve Pepsi but sadly are only for a limited time.

Unless we all buy a ton of Pepsi, in which case I think they might reconsider the limited nature of their offering.

You might be asking, did I unroll the rim to get my code? I did not.

The last Pepsi promotion I participated in was their License to Chill Card. Until mine starts working again, they can count me out.

I stumbled across the 1950 limited edition design while walking around town. I prefer the 1978 version, but this is pretty nice, especially for litter.

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