Pre-Magnum PI Tom Selleck Commercials

Before he hit it big with as a TV and movie star, Tom Selleck was a successful commercial actor and model appearing in both TV and print. Here are a few of the Tom Selleck Commercials that introduced the world to the mustachioed one. You can see him both with his signature mustache and without it, which do you think is better?

No Mustache Tom Selleck for Safeguard Soap

This is Tom’s first commercial. It also features Patti Deutsch, Teri Garr and Penny Marshall.

Farrah Fawcett and Tom Selleck 1972 commercial for Dubonnet

Hard to believe this was 50 years ago.

Tom Selleck for Close-up Toothpaste

His mustache is kind of this in this one. It would get much more luxurious as he got older.

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Tom Selleck for Chaz Cologne

Tom as a cowboy. No surprise, he makes a pretty great cowboy.

Tom Selleck for Ban Basic

No mustache in thos commercial. Tom is pretty good at talking up deodarant. That ban bottle is pretty cool looking as well.

And now my friends, we take a look at an older Tom Selleck. Here he is for Reverse Mortgage Loans. I think these ads might still be running on TV.

Tom with a mustache is the way to go. I also think young Tom is a lot less intense and a lot more fun at selling things. Modern Tom scares me a little.

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  1. mark me down for the signature look.

  2. Tom Selleck looks practically naked without his moustache.

  3. I have always thought the same thing. It is so much a part of him it is very unnatural to see him without it.

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