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As a person who is constantly tethered to my computer, I find that I am constantly trying to find audio to fill my ears while I code and/or write each day. I usually have a playlist of either music or old time radio running, but just this week I started using Radio? Sure! and I could not be happier. The slim program, which is Windows only right now, is pretty minimalist, but I find that to be part of its charm. With Radio? Sure! you get a list of 16000 radio stations in all manner of languages and genres. You just start typing to sort and click on the station to connect. I feel like a young kid trying to pick up radio signals being broadcast from the swamps around my house, but instead of static that I got back then I instead get a clear digital signal 99% of the time.

The program is free (windows only right now) and a whole lot of fun, so if you enjoy this sort of thing, please do give it a shot.

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  1. Been a Mac person I tend to stick to iTunes for most of my musical needs. There is quite a good little radio player built into it and i found a channel that was playing 80’s TV themes 😀

    However when I feel the need to go into windows, usually to run Winuae to test Workbench configs before dumping them on my CF card, I do need something to keeo me going. So i will give this a chack and see what it’s like. Hope that channel exists on there too 😉

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