Remember Burger King Burger Bundles?

I have been a lifelong fan of White Castles. So the concept of the slider burger has always appealed to me. In the late 1980s Burger King got on the mini-burger wagon releasing a set of mini-burgers called the Burger King Buddy which was sold in threes as the Burger King Bundle. Me and my friends loved them and here is why.

We had a Burger King right across the street from and arcade we liked to visit. So we went there a lot and while I like Burger King’s burgers and got to know the staff pretty well. Now we were never a big fan of the fries, so one day my friend orders a combo meal and jokingly asks if he could get a bundle instead of fries. The guy behind the register says okay and our new favorite combo meal was born, the double cheeseburger with the side of mini-cheeseburgers. We could only get it with that one guy at the register, so if I remember right we could only do it on Saturday nights, but oh what wonderful night. Just thinking about it makes me feel as happy as the people in this commercial appear to be.

The mini-burger concept refuses to die at BK, with things like the Burger Shot and Burger Packs lingering on the menu, but no matter how often they relaunch of rebrand them, they never had the same impact as that original 3 pack release.

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  1. Michelle

    THANK YOU for posting this. I forget what year exactly in the 80’s these came out but I remember my sister and I having nothing to do during summer vacation one year and often walking a 1.5 miles (each way!) on an abandoned railroad tracks to just to get to the Burger King and eat these burger buddies.
    My husband has no recollection of these at all. So sad..

  2. The Retroist

    People do seem to have selective memory on these buddies. I am glad I am not the only one who ate them.

  3. I’m kind of confused…i remember something called burger buddies (i think)Was this related to burger bundles? I dont know if it was three as shown in the commercial or two (maybe four?) and i remember them being attached to each other “siamese twin” style….i don’t know if im having selective memory myself or if im starting to believe my own crazy alternative history…

  4. Jessica

    Claymationwerewolf- I remember the ones of four attached. They were around when I worked at a BK in high school.

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