Remember Hostess Potato Chips?

I would not have either, except in the 1980s my family went on a trip to Canada and I was blown away not just by the Chip selection and the novelty of the brands. One that really stuck with me was Hostess. Why? Because to me Hostess was a snack cake company (and a great one).

I thought they were related and that I would wow the friends back home with a bag. So I bought some delicious Dill Pickle chips and packed them away. When we got home, I went to find them and they were gone. Where you ask? Into my sister’s mouth! And she didn’t even save the bag! So I had no proof of the wonders of Canadian Potato Chips.

If only I could have shown them a commercial like this…

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  1. Matt D

    There is a Hostess/Lays Potato Chip factory in the town where I grew up. We took the tour once as a class trip. Sadly Hostess chips all but disappeared, being replaced by Lays in the early to mid 90s. I thought Hostess was long gone until a few years back when I found them at a grocery store in Niagara Falls. I loved getting Hostess chips as a kid because you could get WWF stickers. Nothing better than some ketchup chips with a Hulk Hogan sticker to go with it!

  2. Chris

    I live in Canada…grew up in the 80’s and Hostess was ‘the’ brand of chips ! Loved the Munchie characters…wish they would come back ! In the early 80’s, the chips came in wax-lined foil bags and they would print coupons on the inside of the bag…or letters to collect to win prizes. When they switched to the current plastic bags, you might find a card in the bag for a prize. Good memories !
    Oh, and “when I was a kid” a bag of chips was 35 cents and a bottle (polar bottle) of Pepsi was 60 cents ! Imagine…chips and pop for less than a dollar !!!

  3. charltonhero

    I have the complete two sets of the Hostess Potato chips WWF sticker collection and I am in the process of writing up a post for the site!

    I was a Hostess fan as well and had plenty of chips around the house at all times as a kid!

    The Munchies were fun mascots as well!

    “If youve got the Munchies..nothing else will do!!”

  4. Spotted Feather

    Please tell me you hit your sister in her girl parts for stealing your chips ?…..

  5. The Retroist


    No, my Sisters could always take me down even when I got bigger than them. Once a victim of sisterly intimidation…always a victim of sisterly intimidation.

  6. Alphacentaurian

    The WWF stickers were a great promotion. Even mid and low carders got their own stickers!
    My fave Hostess chips were the international varieties they had for a brief while, and of those, the British variety, Cheese and Pickle sanny, was my fave. I still have cravings for it. My attempts to recreate it by mixing cheese and dill pickle chips haven’t been successful: the flavour of the chips seems to hinge on both flavours being on each chip.
    I hate having cravings for non-existant foods. I still get craves for Mother’s Pizza…

  7. Movie Vigilante

    Chris is right. Back in the eighties, if you were grew up in Canada and had the munchies, Hostess was the go-to chips. They were in every store. Now they are a rare find. I only rediscovered them a couple of years ago when I went shopping at a grocery store I don’t usually shop in. They’re only available in a few select stores.

    I don’t know if you’ve heard but Mother’s Pizza is back. I wrote about it here

  8. Amelyn

    Oh man… I totally forgot about the Munchies. Didn’t they use to made stuffed toys based on them? I think so and you had to send UPC symbols that were on the bags, like with cereals, to get them.

  9. Teri-Lyn

    for those who live in ontario, food basics carries hostess potato chips…just an fyi…i just enjoyed some bbq ones :-p smack, smack, smack

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