Remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets?

Remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets?

I do not remember McDonald’s Onion Nuggets, but members of my family were big onion ring fans. So much so that they would only go to fast food places that had Onion Rings when I was a kid. They would speak of a time when McDonald’s sold these magical bite-size onion treats at dinner time and how sad they were to see them go.

These savory morsels were launched in the Seventies and it appears McDonald’s was pretty serious about them. Then something happened that changed McDonald’s forever, the McNugget was introduced. Unfortunately in McDonaldland, there is no room for two nugget foods and so the Onion Nugget was retired.

So when you hear stories of Onion Nuggets, it usually in stories about how they were the inspiration or replaced Chicken Nuggets.

I myself am a “Fry Guy”, but I would really love to know what these Onion Nuggets tasted like. Perhaps as a side with my Limited Edition McRib?

With all the revivals, who knows what might crop up down the road. I know that McDonald’s is experimenting with various vegan offerings, perhaps a tasty Onion Nugget could be a nice Vegan treat.

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