Reproductions of original Dungeons & Dragons Dice

Reproductions of original Dungeons & Dragons Dice

I love Dungeons & Dragons dice. Ever since the first time I saw a d20, I was smitten. Because of this, I have a large collection of RPG dice. From the original dice that came with my Dungeons & Dragons box sets to my new metal dice by Norse Foundry, I love them all.

A few month ago, Gamescience Dice posted on their Facebook page some images of their opaque precision dice with colors that were close to the ones that originally shipped with Dungeons & Dragons. I assembled a set (sorta), but it just wasn’t the same. They rolled great, but they were too large to give me the dice nostalgia I was seeking.

So I did some searching online. At the time I found nothing, but I made myself a reminder to see what I could find that might more closely match my original dice, without paying a vintage premium. Well, I am happy to tell you that a product has been found.

An eBay seller named, hotdogs_stuff, has made a mold and is reproducing copies of their original set using task 21 resin. The result is a nearly perfect copy of the original, but with a modern material that should be more durable than the original. I quickly ordered a set and a few days later they were in my mailbox.

I am quite happy with how they turned out.

The results are slightly darker and more vibrant than the originals, but I don’t mind. They stand out a little from my old, so I feel comfortable putting them up in the same pouch without the threat of being confused. They roll, feel and look so much like the original, even down to slight imperfections. They are perfectly retro.

Here they are next to an unopened set of the light blue dice from one of my box sets. So you can see the color difference

hotdogs_stuff will make them in other colors, to help you get the retro dice you need, and a set is about 15 bucks. I think after posting this, the available stock might sell quick, but new stock is added as they are made.

If you like old school dice and are looking to save some money, point your browser over to hotdogs_stuff and buy a set (tell them you saw them on the Retroist). With this quality, at this price, you cannot go wrong.

Update: I picked up the dice in red. They look great.

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