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Welcome to the Retroist A-Team Podcast. Today’s show is about that staple action show from the mid-1980s, The A-Team. I start of talking about how I was the unlikely Mr. T of my friends’ and my pretend A-Team. Then I talk about the creation of the show, the shows characters, the upcoming movie and much more. metagirl is back with a top 5 list of the best A-Team guest stars and we are introducing a new cast member this week. Kill Screen 256 joins the show with an amazing segment on all of those wonderful A-Team toys.

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  1. Brian

    The acoustic version of the theme song sounds like it’s something that could be played by james Taylor.

  2. Brian

    This may be going too far back, but as a fan of superhero animation I loved the weekly/daily strips that DC (through Filmation) and Marvel aired of various superheroes M-F. Would you consider doing a podcast on these toons? If not, maybe something on Filmation or the different Hanna-Barbera hero-themed toons?

  3. Brian

    Sorry, the daily toons aired in the mid to late 60’s.

  4. The Retroist

    Brian, I think you can definitely count on seeing a show on those shows in the future.

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