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Welcome to the Retroist Adam-12 Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the groundbreaking police series, Adam-12. In my opinion it is one of the best shows of the 1970s. We talk about the characters on the show, the talent behind the show, its amazing music and the show’s legacy. I am a big fan of this little show and I hope I can convince you to check it out or re-check it out at least.

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  1. Darrin

    I’ve never listened to a podcast EVER. Until now… Great job brother! It’s nice to put a voice to the writer! I was also very impressed at how professionally put together this pod casts sounds!

    I too am an Adam-12 fan, and I also watch it daily on RTV! I LOVE seeing the live action non-set shots that were done around the L.A. area. This show comes in @ a close 2nd to my all time favorite.. The Streets of San Francisco. Nice pod cast! Very informative, with TONS of info I never knew about. And where the heck did you find that closing bumper music? That’s awesome!!

  2. The Retroist

    Darrin, many thnx! I am glad you like the show. One of my favorite things to do it look for locations I might recognize when I watch these old shows and movies. When I lived in San Francisco, it was something I used to do all the time.

    At one point in later seasons Of Adam-12 they change the night driving locations and they start “passing” an In N Out Burger. I get excited whenever I spot the old signage. I should start noting the episodes and timestamps.

    That closing music is from a kids album I had laying around (I have a lot of them — too many maybe??)

  3. Vincent

    This calls for a Dragnet episode! I love Dragnet in both the TV and radio forms.

    1. The Retroist

      Dragnet is one of my other favorite shows and is in the works.

  4. Atari Adventure Square

    Great podcast. Loved the show when it aired weekdays around suppertime. Watched the pilot and it still holds strong.
    I’ll follow up in the forum after catching a few more shows.

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