Retroist ALF Podcast

Retroist ALF Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist ALF Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the cult classic tv show, ALF. I begin by talking about how a nickname can be a terrible thing, especially when that nickname really bothers you.

It is one to grow on!

Then I move onto the show itself, I talk about the plot, the characters the cast, and its successes. I also talk about its success away from the main show, its various spin-offs, and merchandise.

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  1. OffisaPups

    I forgot how great the opening song to the Alf cartoon was, that 50’s bebop style which if I remember in the cartoon, Melmac was very 1950s-ish retor future looking. Man I miss cartoons that had actually lyrics to to the opening song.

  2. Brad

    Retroist, you have the single best podcast on the net Hands Down!

  3. Gerald Lange

    Great episode. I just bought the boxset. My mom comes over to watch it once a week. It was the last show my whole family watched together as a family weekly.

    1. Retroist

      Thanks for checking out the episode. I picked up the entire series myself. So imaginative and ahead of its time.

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