Retroist Amazing Stories Podcast

Retroist Amazing Stories Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Amazing Stories Podcast. Amazing Stories was an anthology TV series that went way before it’s time. I talk about the idea behind the show, the talent behind the show (some guy named Spielberg), its amazing soundtrack and the show’s legacy. Then I throw in a few surprises here and there.

The Retroist Amazing Stories Podcast has been in the works for a while. I am a big fan of this too short-lived show. Hopefully, I can convince you to check it out or re-check it out at least. So grab yourself a cold drink and a bag of your favorite chips and enjoy.

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  1. Jason K.

    I was lucky to have caught this show growing up, in fact, is was one of those shows that we’d sit down as a family and watch together, which was nice, because my parents weren’t big TV watchers.
    The episodes that stick out in my head are “The Mission”, “The Sitter” (because it freaked me out) and “Gather Ye Acorns”, because it was about a man who collected stuff, and I, as a kid, collected everything, so I could relate.

  2. Doug

    Great podcast. My fav was Mummy Daddy, and the hour long one with Kevin Costner.

  3. The Retroist

    The Mission is a good one and I really like Mummy Daddy as well.

  4. Zerbinator

    Loved this one. I didn’t know that Danny Elfman had provided music for AS. Your story in the begining of the podcast had us rolling. Glad you made it through.

  5. Atari Adventure Square

    Yeah, great podcast, and funny, yet disturbing, story about the kittens (I knew kittens were evil from the get-go – you can’t have that much cuteness without having evil in your adorable little soul, somehow).

    Amazing Stories were a favorite (and too short-lived) staple of my Sunday nights.
    I associate the show with sunsets because it aired at 8pm in my neck of the woods and it’d be mostly dark afterward.

    I was great to have Spielberg production values on television.
    All the shows were fun to watch, and I hope the second season gets released soon around here.
    For some reason, I still recall the John Lithgow one, The Doll, with him and the doll of the woman he loves from a distance. It wasn’t much, be somehow it just stuck.

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