Retroist Atari 5200 Podcast

Retroist Atari 5200 Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Atari 5200 Podcast. Today’s show is about the less popular younger sister of the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200. I talk about the technology behind the system, its strengths and weaknesses, the games and its small contribution to Eighties pop culture.

List fans rejoice, metagirl is back again, this time with the 5 rarest Atari 5200 games of all time.

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  1. J.J. Pooper

    I just found your podcast…and I really enjoyed this Atari 5200 episode. I recently got my first 5200 from a guy on Craigslist with 32 games and I am shocked at how crappy the joystick is! It’s so disappointing because I really wanna dig into all of these games. Now, my goal is to try and find a replacement Wico controller… Anyway. Keep up the good work!

    J.J. in Seattle.

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