Retroist Back to the Future Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Back to the Future Podcast. On today’s show I talk all about the 1980s mega hit movie, Back to the Future. I talk about the pre-production, the stars, casting issues, production and much much more. This is one of the most important films to be released in the eighties. I almost feel like you could have a 12 part podcast just on this film.

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  1. Doug

    can’t wait to listen to this this afternoon while I enjoy a fine cigar. The Retroist and tobacco: a great combination.

  2. The Retroist

    this week’s podcast brought to you by Chesterfields…

  3. Doug


  4. mwentworth

    I prefer a fine vintage merlot in the drawing room while listening to the Retroist. I suppose I could incorporate a good cigar into the process, but I dont have a proper smoking jacket. Why dont you ever see smoking jackets at the Goodwill?

  5. Doug

    mwentworth, a fine cigar does not preclude a merlot. Put the two together, my friend!

  6. Rick

    Rather than a smoking jacket just get a life preserver

  7. Brad

    Excellent podcast today. BTTF is one of my favorite films. Can’t wait to hear you talk about Parts II and III.

  8. VicSage

    Great choice for the podcast, I cannot wait to get home and give it a listen. Though to be honest I have neither Merlot nor cigars…though I have trained my Radium Chimps to bring me an endless amount of Mountain Dew! 😉

  9. Vinvectrex

    Great choice for a podcast. I just started Telltale’s Back to the Future game and it is fantastic! This will be a fun addition to my recent Back to the Future nostalgia.

  10. Trancer

    Look forward to listening in, brings it back a few short months ago when they reissued it to the cinemas for the 25th celebrations.

    Naturaly there was me (one sad 30 something) +1 other sad 30 something sat in the cinema on a rainy friday afternoon on our lonesomes kicking it back and loving every minute of it:)

  11. Henry Saint Clair

    Great podcast. I still get anxious at the end when Doc Brown has to get the line put back together.

  12. Vincent

    Great opening story. That guy probably found his home on the internet.

  13. The Retroist

    I hope so..and if he ever gets to this little corner of it, I hope he looks me up.

  14. charltonhero

    This movie and its sequels were a favortie of mine. As a kid I actually like BTTF2 better because of the hover boards and almanac storyline but I have seen the light BTTF is by far the better of the two.

    I love when Marty performs on stage this is a great part of the movie. Micheal J Fox was worth big money back in this day no matter what he did I enjoyed right on down to “One to Grow On” Saturday mornings.

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