Retroist Black Hole Podcast

Retroist Black Hole Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Black Hole Podcast. On this episode I talk all about Disney’s late seventies science fiction classic, “The Black Hole”. I start off by talking about how films like “The Black Hole” played an important part in my discovery of the entertainment that shaped my “tastes”. Then I get into the film.

I talk about the stars of the film, the plot, the production, the robots, the special FX and much more. It is my sincere hope that you will check out this wonderful film either before or after listening to the podcast. It really is a fun and interesting movie.

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  1. Atari Adventure Square

    This was one of those odd viewing experiences, a movie that you leave the theater wondering what you just saw.
    Was it pure sc-fi? Was it cute, comforting Disney of old? No, on both counts.
    Had a bit of these, but with the added elements of deep-space isolation (something that, along with deep sea movies, totally unnerves me), incredible cosmic physics (about the titular black hole, not that impressive rolling fireball), great sense of adventure, metaphysics, odd robots, dark themes, shocking slasher-bot, ESP, thrilling music, etc

    Also, Roddy McDowall always makes my day.

    Yeah, this movie became increasingly enjoyable to me with each decade.
    I can see how you chose this as perfect repeat viewing.

    Yeah, today ‘netflixing’ or ‘youtubing’ is the closest thing to random pickings of new things to enjoy.
    And *everything* wants me to rate, like, poke, comment, pet, flatter, prop it up somehow.
    Actually an inevitable step closer to the changing ways in which we enjoy and produce media, both for the masses and the niche folks.

    And indeed, we should pick our own, individual things to like and prop it up for others, sharing our thoughts on how this moves us.
    I think we’re well on our way of having a norm for that.
    Cool websites like this one and some others (of the bloggy, personal kind) are more human, personal, and relatable.

    I think if someone came up with a Black Hole blog spot with discussions on the components that make this movie so oddly enjoyable, we could fill a good space of the web.
    Especially with that weird ending.

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