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Welcome to the Retroist Blob Podcast. On this episode of the show I talk about the horror classic, “The Blob”. I starts off by discussing the way that different generations can enjoy the same things and still feel nostalgia for those things, just in different ways, then I move on to the subject of our show. I talk about the cast, the crew, Steve McQueen’s bad reputation, the plot, what that goop was made from, the “sequel”, the remake and much much more.

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  1. Atari Adventure Square

    Great Halloweeny subject!
    Possibly my favorite under-represented monster!

    Had the pleasure of seeing the original in a food drive Saturday matinee.
    We would bring two cans of food and be treated to an unannounced family or sci-fi movie.
    We lucked out with The Blob.
    Started out boring, with kids fidgeting at the overlong talky bits with McQueen, his date and the cop.
    The 50s look and feel of the Scooby gang made young and old groan until something mercifully fell out of the sky and some old codger got impressively Jell-O’ed and panicked (paraphrasing the recalling of these bits from then-kidspeak).
    Well, it was all squeals of delight and screams of terror from then on.
    Very memorable experience.

    Became one of my favorite monster when Beware The Blob fronted a double-bill, some years later.
    JR/Major Nelson took a very cheap-looking approach to sets and acting and camerawork, but the Blob sure looks great in that one. But it got better as you watched it the first time, and then some as you revisit today its avant-garde comedy-horror blend.
    Charlie X is quite the action hero.

    And very glad you liked the 80s take on my squishy fiend.
    Another great time at the movies with that one, full of likeable characters and nice set pieces.
    The sinister slime looks a bit too fleshy in that one (I favor the red dye approach), but it’s one of my favorite horrors of that decade.
    Had a lovely sickening stand-up cardboard promo display of a consumed victim from the videostore rental years.

    There was apparently a limited edition of that one on Blu.
    At least the original has a terrific Criterion edition out on dvd.

    ooh, and looking up Blu stuff, there is another blobby monster from the B&W years – Caltiki.

    Must. Watch.

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