Retroist Coleco Adam Podcast

Retroist Coleco Adam Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Coleco Adam Podcast. On today’s show, I talk all about the much-maligned, but somehow also well-loved computer system, The Coleco Adam.

I start off talking about how the undependability of the Adam ruined a birthday party I went to as a kid. Then I talk about the company who made the system, the merits of the computer, some of the problems it had, its receptions and more.

Music throughout the show was provided by Peachy.

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  1. Retro Justin

    EFF YEAH! I cant wait to listen to this!! Now that brief conversation makes sense! hehe

  2. Retro Justin

    Just finished.



  3. The Retroist

    @Justin Glad you liked it, your opinion on the subject matters to me and thanks for helping to spread the word.

  4. Retro Justin

    The research you put into it was excellent. Very info packed episode.

  5. Kevin Laskowski

    THANKS! This podcast brought back so many memories for me. I will enjoy adding it to my vast Coleco collection. Especially liked the original Coleco Adam commercials. Keep up the good work.

  6. Atari Adventure Square

    Great podcast and, as Kevin mentioned, great to hear those commercials.
    This made me remember the hugeness of that box when I had this computer (all too briefly).
    I loved the whole Adam experience at first, but if I recall correctly, it came down to a poor array of titles as our deciding factor to trade in for a C64.
    Did not regret it, but I still wished Coleco had been able to give us users a bit more incentive back then.

    Still a great looking system, and I love hearing about it today.

  7. Retro Justin

    @ AAS, yeah, there weren’t making game titles made for the ADAM, although you could play all the ColecoVision cartridges on there. However, there were many software/productivity programs. And most were pretty darn good!

  8. Retro Justin

    Opps, typo. I meant “weren’t MANY game titles…”

  9. Robert Miller

    Too bad I didn’t know about the $500 scholarship. The timing would have been about right for me! BTW, I am the owner of 2 of those very large boxes! (as the moving company will find out this Wed LOL) Wish I could make ADAMCON this year! Maybe Next? Great podcast! Thanks!

  10. Retro Justin

    @ Robert, it’s funny. I bought some ADAM stuff from ebay that came from South America. One of the things in there was a an envelope for the ADAM scholarship. I was floored. I knew of it, but didn’t think they really existed. But I have the proof. I even got in touch with the person who it belonged too. Luckily for me, she didn’t think I was a stalker, but was amused that it was still in one piece 🙂

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