Retroist Colecovision Podcast

Retroist Colecovision Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Colecovision Podcast. Today’s show is about the too short lived video game console, the Colecovision.

I kick off the show talking about how I almost got a Colecovision when I was a kid by accident.

Then I talk about the Coleco company and how it got its start. How it got on the road to making the Colecovision, some first-hand accounts of Colecovision usage and its ultimate demise. I also briefly touch on Coleco in the post “vision” years.

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  1. Amelyn

    ColecoVision… My first game system ever!

  2. max

    I love the donkey kong country music under the opening monologue

  3. The Retroist

    Max – I am very impressed that you could name that tune.

  4. Newzoo

    Coleco was rumoured to release a laserdisc-type expansion module in the mid-80’s. I believe I even saw a prototype image of it in Electronic Games magazine in probably 1984. I remember being so stoked about the possibilty of playing Dragon’s Lair on my ColecoVision. Unfortunately, it was never released. I think the module was based on CED technology (which the developer, RCA, abandoned at around that time).

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