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Welcome to the Retroist Dig Dug Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the video game classic, Dig Dug. A pretty good game, although it is not as good as Mr. Do! I talk about the game’s creations, gameplay and its many variations and ports. Music throughout the show was provided by Peachy. The Dig Dug art you see above was provided by Sean Hartter. You can find more of Sean’s work at his website. Sean is a genius who also sells prints of most of his work.

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  1. Doug

    How awesome is this??? I’ll be listening this afternoon.

  2. Vincent

    If I was the dad, I’d be so pissed at the kid for wrecking the machine. I’d make his parent’s pay for it.

    I have fond memories of Dig Dug, but not the arcade. I remember getting it for the Atari 2600 and playing it for hours and hours on the 2nd TV in our house, which was in my parent’s bedroom. Dig Dug’s sound FX and Jungle Hunt’s FX are almost in a constant loop in my head.

  3. Ariel

    The intro of Dig Dug song is pretty similar to Super Mario 3 song.

  4. Doug

    The Retroist gave us the wrong message in this podcast. His experience with the Dig Dug machine doesn’t show us that when we have something special we should only share it with our real friends. It shows us that when we have something special we should horde it and not share it with anybody!

    Man, you’re stories are hilarious. Your childhood sounds just about as strange as mine.

  5. The Retroist

    @Dig Doug. I think that should have been the takeaway for my friend. But as a guest in the “house of dug” I of course endorse it being shared with more even tempered people.

  6. Retro Justin

    Would you believe I never, EVER played this game. But after listening to the podcast, I will.

    And curses to the flock head who broke the arcade cabinet.

  7. Atari Adventure Square

    Another great podcast, Retroist.
    And what a sad end to the cabinet story. But I’m not surprised.
    Arcade machines have a talisman-like effect on gamers.
    When I pop in that quarter, that machine and I are one and we go onward as a single, unique event in the universe, the outcome (my demise) already determined, but the journey’s excitement is instant and will resonate throughout my corporeal life.

    Some folks in arcades react badly to being out-of-tune with that oneness.
    And to have a machine like that in your home? Beckoning you with the channeling of eternal happiness?
    Too much for us sneakered mortal coils. I say.

    But yeah, I’m with Vincent. Let the outside offender reap the just desserts of his foul use of an arcade treasure.
    Still, a life lesson all around. Maybe that’s why we were better off with lessened versions of arcade classic in our home consoles, so as to not burn ourselves out in the maddening thrill of the unwinnable game.

    And yeah, though Dig Dug was never a favorite, I almost always ended up playing it when it was around. All-around cool sounds, cool characters and satisfyingly ‘splodey.

  8. charltonhero

    One of the original arcade games that I was actually good at. Picked this up as part of a game cube collection as well. Still enjoy this game to this day. The pump the bad guys until they explode gimmick was ripped off again in Luigis mansion. Fun game!

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