Retroist Galaga Podcast

Retroist Galaga Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Galaga Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the video game classic, Galaga.

I begin by talking about my experiences with Galaga. After that, I talk about the game itself. I discuss the people behind the game, how the game is played, its reception and much more.

I am joined in this episode by Vic Sage with a new “Why Should I Know this Person.” Rob O’Hara is also back, this week with a new “Talking Tech.”

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  1. Great podcast. I loved the story about your track coach. I’ve always been fine with being called a geek, it was nerd that bothered me back then. Galaga is my favorite arcade game. I prefer it over Galaxian. I love the game so much that I own an upright as well as a cocktail table version of the game. I got my cocktail table version first and I actually used it as my kitchen table (covered it with a sheet when the ladies came over hehe) in my apartment back in the day. The upright came later from a local area auction purchase.

  2. Your old coach sounds like he was ahead of his time.

    I never played Galaga but my brother had one of those mini Galaxian arcade games which had a head-to-head mode on it so two could play simultaneously. It still works and now has been passed down to his son.

    Speaking of which, have a look at how this guy built his own mini Galaga.

  3. Great show!
    The sounds of Galaga and Galaxian are as classically arcade as Pac-Man’s waka tones and hearing (or just thinking) about ’em makes me wistful and reach for quarters in my jeans pockets.

    Never had the ‘geek’ title laid upon me, as I was raised in a francophone environment (despite assimilating anglophone culture 80% of the time).
    But I *did* have a fave T-shirt with an iron-on from Cracked magazine that proudly hailed:
    ‘I am a Vidiot’.
    (with ‘Please insert coin’ printed underneath)

    I’ll take it as a synonym.

    1. I saw a Vidiot shirt ad online last and forgot to bookmark it. It was everything I hoped it would be.

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