Retroist Garfield’s Thanksgiving Podcast

Retroist Garfield’s Thanksgiving Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I talk about the 1989 Thanksgiving TV special, Garfield’s Thanksgiving. I start off the show talking about the pecking order of holiday specials. It is my belief that you should give some of the “B-Team” specials a chance and I hope I can ease you into moving away from the larger ones with Garfield’s Thanksgiving.

After my story, I move onto the special itself. I discuss the man who created Garfield and its evolution in the comic strip, the cast of the special, the plot and much much more.

I really do enjoy Garfield Specials. That cat is iconic and although wildly popular, I don’t think these specials get the respect the deserve, so I hope you will check it out.

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Production Notes

  • I had more info about other holiday special in my story. I cut them out to focus on A-team vs. B-Team specials.
  • Cut down the plot recap. I was way too detailed. I might as well have done a teleplay.
  • I cut out music from the show. I played clips. Never sure about playing music on the show from these places, so I cut it out. Also cut out Hardball! music.
  • My rant about how great grandmothers was cut. Still think Nanas rule!
  • I removed two other Garfield commercials from the show. All make me smile, but felt like padding.
  • The closing music in the show is actually a very long piece. I play very little of it. This bums me out. Wish I had a longer closing credits.
  • This show is SUPER SHORT. Hope that is okay. Pre-final cut it was about 4 minutes longer. This moves very quickly, so hope that is okay.

Thanks for listening to the show and I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Ken

    I loved Garfield. The holiday specials were great, from what I remember. I haven’t seen them in years. It seems they don’t play them on TV anymore.

    1. Retroist

      They definitely have not made it into the same class as the Peanuts. This really surprises me.

  2. Rick C Doherty

    the Davy and Goliath Pilgrim episode you mentioned is free on Amazon Prime (along with most of the episodes). In regards to Garfield, we watch the Halloween special (I know this is the thanksgiving episode you are talking about) every year.

    1. Retroist

      Garfield Halloween is perhaps the best of the Garfield Specials. A great choice to watch on Halloween.

      Funny, I didn’t know I was going to mention Davy and Goliath when I sat down to record. It just sort of popped into my head, so I hadn’t looked where it would be online outside of posts on YouTube, where I had been watching it.

  3. Roadmaster

    I would not cut anything. I would listen to your podcast if it as an hour long. Please rant about your great grandmother anytime.

  4. anotherguy2741

    When I checked the link for this podcast it went to the Tempest podcast instead. Can this be fixed? Thanks!!!

    1. Retroist

      @Anotherguy2741 Thanks for the comment. Where was the link wrong?

  5. anotherguy

    Sorry I haven’t been back sooner but it looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks!

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