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Welcome to the Retroist Gauntlet Podcast. On today’s show I talk about the 1985 arcade classic, Gauntlet. I start off talking about how this game helped me save face when I had some misgivings about seeing the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 in the theater. Then I talk about the development of the game and its predecessor, Dandy. I also delve into the game’s strategy, game play, reception, sequels, ports and much more. My sincere apologies to Thyra the Valkyrie whose name I repeatedly fail to mention.

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  1. RetroArt

    GAUNTLET is a special game for me because it has two “lasts” associated with it.
    It was the last video game I played with a group of friends before we all went our separate ways from high school to college. That particular night playing GAUNTLET happened to be the last visit to my favorite arcade. Scotty’s Arcade perished in a fire that costumed the entire amusement pier on which it was located that Summer of ’86.
    So, although GAUNTLET is a great game to play, I have bittersweet memories attached to it.
    I don’t think I have ever played it again since that great arcade night with my high school friends.

  2. RetroArt

    typo: “costumed” = consumed

  3. Gauntlet II was one of the video games in my dad’s pizzeria when I was a kid. As a result, Gauntlet II is the ONLY arcade game that I ever became a real expert at. I could blow throw all the levels with one quarter, at which point the game would randomly repeat one of the earlier levels.

    I usually played solo, and whenever anyone else joined in it would most often slow me down.

  4. The Retroist

    Both of those are great memories. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. lmorchard

    There was one thing missing from this episode that would be worth mentioning: There’s a new Gauntlet game available on Steam for PC and, in my opinion, it’s a surprisingly worthy entry in the franchise’s history.

    The key part is that though it’s marketed by WB Games and a remnant of Atari, it was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. Arrowhead are the folks who developed Magicka, a fairly complex Wizard-centric top-down dungeoner that was heavily inspired by Gauntlet. So, that studio doing a reboot of Gauntlet basically turned out to be a love letter to the whole shebang. It’s even got drop-in online multiplayer that feels a bit like hopping onto the old-school machine with quarters in hand.

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